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  • What is Pasteurization

    The process of heating to kill microorganism that cause spoilage and disease without affecting nutritional value

    What is Batch Pasteurization

    large quantities of milk are heated to 149 for 30 minutes and then cooled quickly to about 39

    What is Continuous Flow Pasteurization

    Milk is forced through small pipes which are heated on the outside. The milk is heated to 161 for at least 16 seconds then gradually cooled and stored at 39

    What is Homogenization

    The process of forcing milk through a fine strainer to break down fat and blend into one fluid

    What is a Casein Allergy

    The true dairy allergy - People are allergic to this protein in dairy products and all dairy must be avoided

    What is Lactose Intolerance

    People are not "allergic" to dairy, but their bodies have difficulty with processing the milk sugars, often causing gas or bloating

    What are the Milk Grade(s)

    All of this item should be purchased and labeled as "Grade A"

    What is FIFO

    This method of stock rotation states that the first items purchased should be the first items utilized in order to prevent waste and spoilage

    What is Cream as is relates to milk

    This item is similar to milk, but has more fat

    What are the Butter Grade(s)

    The best grades of this item are "Grade AA" or "Grade A"

    What is Whipped Cream

    In order for this to be produced, there must be at least 30% fat content

    What is Sweet Butter

    Made only from pastuerized fresh cream

    What is Cultured Butter

    Made from fermented cream

    What is Clarifying

    The process of removing solids and impurities from a substance in order to make it clear

    What is a smoke point

    the temperature at which a fat will begin to smoke, just prior to burning

    What is curdling

    the process of separating a milk's solids from its liquids

    What is ripened cheese

    adding external bacteria to curds in order to change the texture, flavor, or odor

    What are the Three parts of Cheese

    This includes water, fat, and protein

    What are the Three sources for Cheese

    This includes cows, goats, and sheep

    What are the components of Egg Whites

    the part of the egg that is mostly water, contains albumen, and protein

    What are the components of Egg yolks

    the part of the egg that is mostly fat, contains lecithin (a natural emulsifer), and protein

    What is the Chalazae

    the part of the egg that is a membrane that holds the egg yolk in place

    What are the Egg Grade(s)

    All of these items should be purchased as "Grade AA", "Grade A", and "Grade B"

    Which Eggs are for Baking

    "Grade B" Eggs

    What is "Jumbo"

    This represents the largest size of egg being sold

    What is "Small"

    This represents the second smallest size of egg being sold

    What is "Extra Large"

    This represents the second largest size of egg being sold

    On which size egg are most recipes based? (18)

    Large Eggs (2oz Each)

    What is "Peewee"

    This represents the smallest size of egg being sold

    What is the function of the USDA

    This is the organization that oversees the inspection of and approval of agricultural goods

    What is the function of bread in a sandwich

    Provides Bulk (Sandwich Component)

    What is the proper brewing temperature for coffee

    195-200 degrees f

    What term describes eggs that are cracked and combined in a container?

    "Pooled" eggs.

    If a chef brings a pot of water to a boil, adds vinegar and salt to the water, reduces the heat to a steaming bath, and gently adds an egg to the water, how is the egg being prepared?


    At or below what temperature should eggs be stored?

    45 degrees F (7C)

    Place the following products in increasing order of fat content: Heavy Cream, Whole, Condensed, Skim, Half and Half, Low Fat, Evaporated

    Skim (0.5-1%), Low Fat (1-2%), Whole (3.25%), Evaporated (6.5%), Condensed (8.5%), Half and Half (10.5-18%), Heavy Cream (36-38%)

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