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  • mai'tre d'ho'tel

    the position that is responsible for the entire dining room operations; also called dining room manager


    a device used onto and across a sharp metal blade


    the streaks of fat that develop within a muscle and a key factor in meat grading


    a liquid that is infused with different ingredients, in which foods are soaked in order to impart flavor before cooking

    marinated salad

    a salad composed of cooked foods mixed with a vinaigrette

    market menu

    a menu that is composed daily based on what food products are available in the market

    material saftey data sheet (MSDS)

    a document that lists the composition of a chemical product, proper procedures for storage and handling, and what to do in the case of an emergency


    a cold sauce that is an emulsion of oil and vinegar stabilized with egg yolk and mustard

    mealy pie dough

    pie dough that results when it resembles the texture of cornmeal and then liquid is added

    mealy potatoes

    potatoes that are high in starch, commonly called baking potatoes



    medium dice

    a dice cut measuring 1/2 x 1/2 x 1/2 inches (13 x 13 x 13 mm)

    meringue (mehr AYNG)

    a foam made by beating egg whites with sugar


    a mixture of baby lettuces, sometimes referred to as spring mix or field greens


    the process of chopping food into very fine pieces

    minimum wage

    the lowest hourly rate of pay that an employee can be paid legally

    mirepoix (mir eh PWAH)

    a vegetable-based seasoning made of two parts chopped onion, one part chopped carrot, and one part chopped celery

    mise en place

    having all foods and equipment ready for a specific preparation before beginning it, as well as being mentally prepared


    a large family of single-cell fungi

    mollusk (MOHL uhsk)

    a family of shellfish that includes univalves, bivalves, and cephalopods

    mother sauces

    the base sauces from which other sauces can quickly be made

    mousse (MOOS)

    a stable foam dessert that is solidified by fat or gelatin and lightened with whipped cream and sometimes Italion meringue


    the sensation created in the mouth by the body, texture, and temperature of a food as it is eaten


    a sauce consistency that is thick enough to coat the back of a spoon

    new potato

    an immature potato of any variety

    New World

    the continental landmass of the Americas

    noncommercial foodservice

    operations providing foodservice as a secondary activity for the business in which it is found, also referred to as institutional foodservice


    well known

    nouvelle cuisine

    a style of cuisine that highlighted individual ingredients that were simply prepared and served in small portions on artistic plates

    nutrient-dense food

    food that provides vitamins, minerals, and other substances that may have beneficial health effects, but supplies relatively few calories


    the substances in food that the body uses for energy, growth, and to regulate various functions


    the study of foods, their components, and how the body processes and utilizes them

    Occupational Saftey and Health Administration (OSHA)

    the governmental agency that defines and enforces safe working conditions


    the term given to the internal organs and extremities that are removed before an animal or bird is butchered

    olfaction (ohl FAHK shun)

    the sense of smell


    the fruit of th olive that is native to the Mediterranean region, may be green (picked underripe) or black (picked mature)


    a fluffy sheet of scrambled eggs served or rolled

    onion pique' (pee KAY)

    a small onion with a bay leaf speared to it by several whole cloves

    on-the-job training

    instructing new employees on the specific skills or procedures that are unique to the operation while they are working

    open-burner range

    a cooktop with open gas burners over which pots or pans are placed on trivets giving this range the advantage of instant heat control


    to move back and forth very rapidly


    the air that is added into ice cream during the constant mixing and is trapped as the ice cream freezes


    the reaction that causes many fruits to brown once they are cut and exposed to the air

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