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  • Mixing Term: Mix/Blend

    To combine two or more ingredients together.

    Mixing Term: Beat

    To mix thoroughly and add air to foods. Use a spoon and a vigorous over-and-over motion or use a mixer.

    Mixing Term: Cream

    To beat ingredients, such as butter and sugar, combining until soft and creamy.

    Mixing Term: Fold/Fold In

    To gently mix a light, fluffy mixture into a heavier one.
    How: Put the lighter ingredient on top of the heavier one, use a rubber scraper or spoon, and cut down through the mixture, across the bottom, and back up to the top.

    Mixing Term: Stir

    To move food around with a whisk or spoon in a circular motion, usually while food is cooking. This helps distribute heat evenly.

    Mixing Term: Toss

    To tumble ingredients using tongs or large spoon and fork, usually for salads with dressing.

    Mixing Term: Whip

    To beat quickly and vigorously with a whisk or mixer with whisk attachment to incorporate air into a mixture making it light & fluffy.

    Coating Technique: Coat

    To cover food with a "coating" that can be wet or dry.

    Coating Technique: Baste

    To pour liquid (sauces or pan juices) over a food as it cooks, using a baster or spoon. This adds flavor and keeps surface from drying.

    Coating Technique: Bread

    To coat food with different layers.
    1. Flour
    2. Liquid (milk and/or beaten egg)
    3. Seasoned crumbs or cornmeal

    Coating Technique: Dust

    To lightly sprinkle a food with flour or confectioners' sugar (powdered sugar). Example: Powdered doughnut

    Other Technique: Mold

    To shape by hand or in a decorative mold.

    Other Technique: Core

    To remove the center of a fruit.

    Other Technique: Drain

    To separate water from solid food, usually using a colander or strainer.

    Other Technique: Marinate

    To add flavor by soaking it in a cold, seasoned liquid.

    Other Technique: Caramelize

    To heat sugar until it liquefies and darkens in color. Other foods may be caramelized to release their sugar content.

    Other Technique: Cut In

    To distribute solid fat in small pieces through dry ingredients using a pastry blender in a cutting motion or two knives.

    Other Technique: Knead

    To work a dough with the heels of hands in a pressing and folding motion until the dough becomes smooth and elastic.

    Other Technique: Garnish

    To decorate or embellish a food.

    Other Technique: Brown

    To cook food for a short period of time over high heat at the beginning or end of cooking. It is done to enhance flavor and texture, and to create a nice cooked look. Can be done on stove top or with broiler.

    Cooking Method: Boiling

    To cook in water or liquid in which bubbles rise continually and break on surface.

    Cooking Method: Simmering

    To cook below the boiling point, bubbles form slowly and break on the surface.

    Cooking Method: Steaming

    A method of cooking food over, but not in, boiling water. Usually food is in a basket.

    Cooking Method: Frying

    To cook in fat in a pan or on a griddle over direct heat.

    Cooking Method: Sauteing

    To cook in a small amount of fat.

    Cooking Method: Pan-Broiling

    To cook in an uncovered frying pan over direct heat using little or no fat.

    Cooking Method: Stir-frying

    To fry quickly in small amount of fat over high heat while stirring constantly.

    Cooking Method: Roasting/Baking

    To cook by dry heat surrounding food, usually in an oven.

    Cooking Method: Broiling

    To cook food directly UNDER intense, high heat.

    Cooking Method: Grilling

    To cook food on a rack OVER a heat source, usually a charcoal fire or gas flames.

    Cooking Method: Deep-Fat Frying

    To cook in hot fat (about 360 degrees) that is deep enough for food to float, usually a minimum of 3 inches.

    Other Term (Related to Cooking Methods): Conduction

    To transfer heat by direct contact.

    Other Term (Related to Cooking Methods): Convection

    To transfer heat through the movement of molecules in air or liquid.

    Other Term (Related to Cooking Methods): Radiation

    To transfer heat through waves of energy.

    Other Term (Related to Cooking Methods): Moist-Heat

    Cooking food in hot liquid, steam, or combination of the two.

    Other Term (Related to Cooking Methods): Dry-Heat

    Cooking food uncovered without added liquid or fat.

    Other Term (Related to Cooking Methods): Cooking in Fat

    Cooking food in oil or grease.

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