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    Before serving a menu item, managers SHOULD ____ the item to be sure it meets the restaurant's standards.


    In addition to not following standard reciepes, poor purchasing, forecasting, receiving procedures, product scheduling and _____ facilities add to the the high cost of food and menus pricies


    ____ is the money a restaurant brings in from its customers

    Total food percent

    _____ is how the cost of food relates to the total sales of a restaurant.


    The ___ is the most important sales tool in a restaurant.


    The restaurant's main areas of cost are food, beverages, labor and ____.


    Overhead costs includes rent/lease and ______.

    average sales per custumer

    Total dollar sales divided by the total number of customers gives you the ____.

    sales history

    When a manager keeps a record of the number of portions of each item on the menu sold, it,is called a ____.

    production sheet

    A ___ lists all the menu items that are going to be prepared on a given day.

    profit-and-loss report

    A collection of sales and costs over a specific time period of time is called a ____.

    income statement

    Another name for a profit-and-loss report is also called a(n)____.

    income statement

    A profit-and-loss report also called a _____ shows sales, cost of sales and profit/loss for a specific time period.


    The inventory taken at the beginning of a time period is called a(n) ____ inventory.

    food cost percentage

    This formula calculates the _____. Total food cost divided by Sales=


    If a restaurant makes $60,000 in sales, and the total food cost for October was $15,000. What was the food cost percent? (Use the Food Cost Percentage formula)

    food production chart

    In a restaurant kitchen, which form lists how much product should be made during a specific meal period?


    If a deli wants a 30 food cost percentage on its menu items, if a sandwich costs 2.85 to make, how much should it be priced?


    If a gallon of oysters cost $20.00 and yields 100 servings, what is the standard portion cost?


    If a kitchen worker overcooks 10 hamburgers at $3.00 a serving, how much revenue is lost?


    The best time for a food service operation to receive deliveries is when the business is ___


    Like the receipts we get from stores, restaurants get ___ after deliveries. They list details like items purchased, date of order, purchaser and price.


    This is a common inventory method that assumes items have been rotated within the month.


    The Italian Restaurant ordered 5 gallons of spaghetti sauce at $4.50 each. What is the total value of the spaghetti sauce?


    The lease/rent and utilities are called which type of cost?


    The number one selling tool is the ____.


    A coffee shop has a food cost percentage of 35%. This means the food cost is ___ of total costs.


    Menu items reflect labor costs in that the more time it takes a cook to make a plate, the more it ___. This is one way how the menus include labor costs.


    ____ is VERY important because it helps the manager maintain his/her budget with labor and food costs.


    The following are reasons food prices are _____. Poor purchasing plan, poor forecasting, poor receiving procedures, poor product scheduling, poor selling and service at the restaurant. Not following a stand receipt also contribute to high food costs.

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