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  • taste

    A person's ability to identify substances such as foods, minerals and even some poisons is referred to as ___.

    sous chef

    According to Escoffiers's kitchen brigade system, who is responsible for accepting orders from the dining room and


    At what temperature does water boil?


    A chef's hat is called a ___.


    In reference to the 5 basic tastes, umami refers to ____


    The arrangement of equipment and tools in a certain area designed for a specific task is a ____ in the kitchen.


    The Garde-manger is the section of the kitchen that prepares ___.


    The bread baker is also known as the ____.

    total cost

    The chef uses the amount and prices of ingredients to calculate the ____ of a recipe.


    The amount of space an ingredient takes up is its ____.


    1 __ = 2 cups


    The garde-manger is also known as the ___chef.


    1___= 8oz


    Ground beef is measured by ____.


    A recipe that has a set format that is clear to anyone who uses it is known as a ____ recipe.


    The number of servings a recipe makes is called its ___.


    The process that removes lumps from an ingredient(flour) and gives the food a or smooth consistency is called __.

    edible portion

    The amount left after vegetables have been trimmed, before being used in a recipe is called ___.

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