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  • bulk

    What is the main purpose of bread on a sandwich?


    When brewing coffee, fresh cold water should be heated to ___degrees.


    What do we call eggs that are opened and combined in a container?


    Most recipes are based on ___ eggs.


    Eggs should be stored in a refrigerator, at air temperature or below____ degrees.


    The following milk products are listed from least to most ___ content. Skim, whole, condensed, half & half, heavy cream


    To poach an egg, you need boiling water, salt and ___.


    When cooking meat in an iron pan, which sauce helps increase its iron content?


    Glucose is a ____ carbohydrate.


    Proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins minerals & water are considered to be the six ____ provided in foods.


    Which nutrient provide the most calories?


    Which food is a good protein source: oil, pancake syrup, egg or food coloring?


    When the term, "natural" is used in reference to fresh produce, what does it tell the consumer?


    When a protein contains all the essential amino acids, it is considered a ____ protein?


    Which of the following foods contains cholesterol: oil, chicken, peanut butter, soy sauce?


    What is added to food to extend its shelf life?


    Oranges are ____ carbohydrates.


    In the body what protects the vital organs and stores energy?


    What affects the colors of a food?

    profit and loss report

    Which report lists the sales and costs of a business?


    What is a fixed cost

    sales history report

    Which report lists the number of portions sold off the menu?


    A restaurant's electrical, insurance, water, mortgage bills are considered which type of cost?


    If the projected monthly food cost is 20,000 and food sales are 60,000, what is the food cost?


    Labor and landscaping are considered _____ costs.

    opening inventory

    The items available for use at the beginning of a specified time is called the _____.

    desired yield/original yield) x each ingredient

    What formula is used to find the increasing and decreasing yield?

    decrease as a % of business volume

    Increased business volume causes fixed labor costs ____

    food cost %

    Total Food cost / sales=


    Which salad green has a buttery texture and cup shaped leaves?


    Base, body, dressing and garnish are the 4 parts of a ____.

    egg yolks

    What is the binding agent in mayonnaise?

    look and taste

    The purpose of a garnish is to enhance its ___.


    A small amount of potato or macaroni salad is called an ____.


    rinse, rub off dirt/grit and store with damp paper towel in refrigerator is how we clean and store ____.


    Which vinegar has a neutral flavor?


    A vinaigrette dressing made from walnut oil and balsamic vinegar is traditionally served with a green salad made with which kind of lettuce.

    perpetual inventory

    When food is delivered the items are checked on an inventory card. When the food is issued to the kitchen the items are checked off. Which inventory method is this?


    In the channel of distribution, wholesalers, suppliers and distributors are considered to be _____.


    ____ help food service providers be certain that their products are the same every time.


    A fast food chain with restaurants in 4 states, would probably use which purchasing process?

    determining purchasing needs

    When a restaurant regularly runs out of a menu item, it is considered a failure in which step in the purchasing process?

    purchasing process

    Determining what needs to be bought is the first step in what process?

    par stock

    What term is used to describe an ideal amount of inventory?


    Another name for assets is ____.


    In the channel of distribution, farmers, ranchers and manufacturers are considered _____ sources.


    The highest US quality grade for lamb is ____.

    fin fish

    Which type of fish is best stored in a self draining container?

    fin fish & shellfish

    What are the two categories of seafood?


    What is the best way to prepare fatty fish?

    poaching & sauteing

    What is the best way to prepare lean fish?


    When receiving fresh shellfish, they must be ____.


    What is it called when a birds legs and wings have been tied to the body?


    Pepperoni is what kind of sausage?


    To retain moisture, meat is ____.


    What is the highest quality grade for beef?


    What is the name for small tender boneless cuts of meat?

    a la carte

    A menu that prices items separately, is called a ____ menu.


    When a business emails a local college about a coffee shop on campus, it is considered what type of marketing?

    research & marketing

    What is the first step in every marketing plan?


    What type of segmentation is based on the hobbies, interests and opinions of a specific group of people?

    plow horse

    What does a restaurant call a menu item that is less profitable but very popular?

    sales volume

    The number of times a menu item is sold is called its ____.


    On a typical menu, which category of dishes usually follows entrees?

    product-service mix

    A customers experience with a restaurants food and service is called its ____.

    public relations

    Which type of marketing communication involves hosting a fundraiser event for the homeless?

    chocolate & cream

    What ingredients make up a ganache?


    Which flour is used to make dried pasta?


    What part of a cake protects, adds flavor, richness and makes it more appealing?

    biscuit method

    What is the baking method called that when making a quick bread the fat is cut into the flour?

    bavarian cream

    When a vanilla sauce gelatin and whipped cream are combined, it makes what filling?


    What type of levener is used in quick breads?

    weeps a water-like liquid

    What happens when a custard is cooked too fast at a temperature that is too high?

    serving food from another customer's table

    What is an unacceptable method for reusing repurposed food?


    What is the process of breaking down organic food to make fertilizer?

    cooking oil

    What common used kitchen product is being converted into biodiesel fuel?

    water & wind

    What are the most common examples of renewable energy?

    cooking equipment

    Which area of a restaurant uses the most energy?


    The ability of a restaurant to meet its needs for water and gas without hurting its ability to meet future needs is an example of its _____.

    pacific rim

    Asian fusion flavors are common to what North American region?


    Which style of cooking originated in Louisiana?


    Which food is wrapped in banana leaves when steamed?


    Celery, onions and green peppers are referred to the ____ of Cajun and creole cuisines.


    Which sauce is slow cooked and has a complex flavor?


    In Brazil, roasting meat on skewers over a fire is called ___.


    In which region of the USA, did comfort come?

    New England Boiled Dinner

    In some areas of America, a meal that consists of corned beef, potatoes and cabbage is traditionally known as ____.


    What is another name for British meat pies?


    Name a Indian spice mixture commonly used in Indian cuisines.


    From what country does moussaka come?


    What is the most expensive spice in the world?


    Chinese red-cooking uses what cooking method?


    From what country do the following rice cookeries come: chelow, katteh and damy?


    Paella is popular in which country?


    In Chinese cooking what is the name of the technique that involves coating the meat with cornstarch and egg whites before stir frying?


    Foie gras comes from which part of France?


    What is the Moroccan cooking vessel that makes a stew with the same name?

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