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  • What do quick-serve restaurants need to know when placing orders for foods to use in preparing menu items?

    Percentage of yield

    Technology can benefit food and beverage industry by

    Assisting and providing more efficient service to customer.

    Which of the following activities is one of the basic functions of a quick-serve restaurant?
    A. Testing B. Licensing C. Purchasing D. Regulating

    C. Purchasing.

    Established cafeterias base their cash flow estimates on figures obtained from

    Past financial statements.

    Some of the sandwich-shop records need to be maintained in secure locations because they contain___ information.


    Which of the following often prepare budgets in a chain of pizza restaurants:
    A. All employees C. Sales cashiers
    B. Inventory clerks D. Middle managers

    D. Middle managers

    One way that many quick-serve restaurants use database software programs is to

    analyze customer information.

    One example of a risk-management security precaution that reduces employee theft is__.


    If you wanted a summary of business transactions, what financial tool would you consult?

    Profit-and-loss statement

    The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was intended to prevent ___ in the workplace.


    The extent to which quick-serve restaurant supply businesses can expose their employees to hazardous materials is regulated by the

    Occupational Safety and Health Admeinistration

    What is the policy that most buffet-style restaurants instruct their employees to follow if they are not sure whether food is spoiled?

    Take no chances, throw it out.

    Sales tax is collected from customers and turned over to the


    Which of the following can help prevent employee theft from occurring:
    A. Relying on employees to behave honestly
    B. Asking job applicants to submit a resume
    C. Checking the references of job applicants
    D. Making sure management dishonesty is hidden

    C. Checking the references of job applicants

    Which of the following types of material are often included as attachments to short reports:
    A Table of contents C. Title page
    C. Supporting documents D. Conclusions and recommendations

    C. Supporting documents

    A record of the discussion at a staff meeting is called the


    What should an employee do if s/he accidentally learns that the quick-serve restaurant supply business might lay off several workers in the near future because of a decrease in sales?

    Keep the information confidential

    Exclusive dealing is considered illegal in all of the following except if the
    A. sales revenue involved is sizable
    B. exclusive arrangement is violated; then shipments are cut off
    C. manufacturer is much larger and more intimidating than the dealer
    D. exclusive deal blocks competitors from as much as 10% of the market

    B. Exclusive arrangement is violated; then shipments are cut off

    In physical distribution, availability, timeliness, and quality are important aspects of

    Customer service

    Which of the following would be the most appropriate time for a quick-serve restaurant supply business to schedule a stock count by employees:
    A. After raising product prices
    B. After an annual clearance sale
    C. After reordering goods for resale
    D. After advertising a special sale

    B. After an annual clearance sale

    A receiving worker who finds that a number of containers being delivered to the hamburger restaurant does not match the number shown on the bill of lading should

    Write the actual number of containers received on the receipt before accepting delivery

    Why is it important for a taco restaurant to coordinate with its promotional activities?

    To guarantee a sufficient supply of advertised items

    What might result if a manufacturer begins to sell directly to a large buffet-style restaurant rather than through traditional wholesalers?
    A. Reverse distribution C. Exclusive distribution
    B. Horizontal channel conflict D. Vertical channel conflict

    D. Vertical channel conflict

    Which of the following is not acceptable reason for returning goods to vendors:
    A. Some items did not sell. C The goods were imperfect.
    B. Too many items were shipped. D. The order was delivered late.

    A. Some items did not sell.

    Many quick-serve restaurant claim that the majority of their inventory shrinkage is caused by


    Quick-serve restaurants store frozen foods in freezers and fresh fruits and vegetables in coolers in order to

    Containing and spoilage.

    Sandwich shops usually schedule deliveries from vendors during specific hours of the day to avoid

    Peak traffic times.

    John gets up, dresses, brushes his teeth, eats breakfast, goes to school, buys gum at t he school store, and reports to his first class. Which of these would be considered an economic activity?
    A. Buying gum C. Brushing teeth
    B. Eating breakfast D. Going to class

    A. Buying gum.

    Which of the following is a negative effect on quick-serve restaurant supply businesses of government regulation:
    A. The use of resources is regulated.
    B. Unfair trade practices are prohibited.
    C. Additional expense and inefficiency are experienced.
    D. Patents, trademarks, and copyright protection are provided.

    C. Additional expense and inefficiency are experienced.

    According to the law of diminishing returns, what is the result of more and more workers being added to the production process if all other factors remain unchanged?

    Output will increase by smaller and smaller increments.

    A country's net exports are a minus figure in GDP calculations whenever

    Imports are greater than exports.

    One way that cafeterias use electronic, computerized banking services is to

    Pay invoices.

    An arrangement that allows customers to purchase and use goods or services and pay for them at a future time is referred to as a __ sale.


    A coffee shop buys cups and mugs for resale from a supplier and is allowed 60 days in which to pay the invoice without penalty. This is an example of

    Trade credit

    Which function of a marketing-information management system involves changing the form of marketing information management system involves changing the form of marketing information to make it more useful?
    A. Information reporting C. Marketing research
    B. Information gathering D. Information processing

    D. Information processing.

    A large chain of hamburger restaurants wants to gather information on its biggest competitor's product development plans. Should the chain advertise and hold interviews for nonexistent jobs in order to get information from the competitor's employees?

    ...No, this strategy for gathering information is unethical.

    Facts that are expressed in numerical form are called


    When all of the data in a marketing-research project have been collected and analyzed, the next step for the researcher is to

    ...Make recommendations based on the findings.

    Based on the in formation in the following database, which quick-serve restaurant supply salesperson has the most profitable group of customers:
    Salesperson A 150 customers $125 average monthly sale
    Salesperson B 120 customers $150 average monthly sale
    Salesperson C 175 customers $110 average monthly sale
    Salesperson D 190 customers $100 average monthly sale

    ...Salesperson C.

    Which of the following is an element of a marketing report that should be clearly addressed in an oral presentation:
    A. Findings C. Objectives
    B. Research materials D. Technical terms

    ...A. Findings.

    The financial component of a marketing plan helps a pizza restaurant to compare the projected costs of implementing the plan with the expected


    Predictions of what a bagel shop's sales will be during a specific future time period using a certain marketing plan are known as

    ...Sales forecasts.

    Marketing changes, operational changes, and staff changes affect a quick-serve restaurant's sales forecast and are categorized as ___ changes.


    Population demographics, buying habits, traffic patterns, and location of competitors are examples of information pizza restaurants use in


    As coffee shop employees go about their daily activities, their actions should be driven by whether the actions will

    Resultant in customer satisfaction.

    Which of the following techniques help to build trust in negotiations:
    A. Always have an answer ready
    B. Provide a lot of documentation
    C. Tell the truth and respect confidences
    D. Share information that may be threatening

    C. Tell the truth and respect confidences

    When taking drive-up orders for food, it is important for quick-serve restaurant employees to

    Fill orders correctly.

    What must quick-serve restaurant supervisors have in order to plan and organize the work of others?


    When delegating job tasks to subordinates, it is important to

    Clarify the job to be done and your expectations.

    What do most buffet-style restaurants do with job applications from walk-in or write-in job seekers when they have no jobs available?

    Keep the applications in their files.

    Which of the following tests would be used to determine whether a job application is skilled at a specific task:
    A. Personality C. Polygraph
    B. Psychological D. Proficiency


    What is the most common type of employee training?

    On-the-job taining

    Which of the following is an important job factor in maintaining high employee morale:
    A. Family life C. Fringe benefits
    B. Leisure activities D. Personal health

    C. Fringe benefits.

    A chain of hamburger restaurants that fails to comply with the law in managing diversity is likely to

    Be the object of lawsuits.

    Given the following information from a profit-and-loss statement, determine the gross margin percentage:
    Net sales: $80,000
    Net profit: $5,000
    Cost of goods sold: $45,000

    43 3/4%

    In which of the following situations will a business plan that includes quarterly sales quotas for each of the five salespeople help a quick-serve restaurant supply company to track its progress and make adjustments:
    A. Each salesperson sells 85% of quota
    B. Quarterly sales quotas remain the same
    C. Actual sales decrease 5% every summer
    D. Each salesperson has a specific territory.

    A. Each salesperson sells 85% of quota

    The first step to take in quick-serve restaurant food cost control is

    Proper menu planning/forecasting.

    What should people do if no solution to a problem seems apparent?

    Redefine the problem.

    What marketing career involves determining why customers do what they do?

    Marketing research.

    A characteristics of effective prices is that they must be


    Price discrimination is legal in all of the following situations except when

    ...Prices inhibit competition

    A goal of many coffee shops that affects their pricing is

    Obtaining market share.

    Buffet-style restaurants that plan policies to appeal to customers' emotions are using ___ pricing techniques.


    Markdowns expressed as a percentage are calculated by subtracting the new price from the original price and dividing the difference by the ___ price.


    Which of the following is a true statement:
    A. Small pizza restaurants usually have their own new-product departments.
    B. Product-planning committees take up very little of company executives' time.
    C. The smaller a pizza restaurant , the less time that can be devoted to product planning.
    D. Venture teams are permanent departments that deal with product/service management.

    C. The smaller a pizza restaurant , the less time that can be devoted to product planning.

    Which of the following is a true statement about the consumer protection practices of most quick-serve restaurant chains:
    A. Chains win when consumers file lawsuits against them.
    B. Chains that protect consumers are protecting themselves.
    C. Chains willingly sell unsafe products if it helps them to make a profit.
    D. Chains benefit from publicity even if it is about selling defective products.

    B. Chains that protect consumers are protecting themselves.

    Which of the following is an example of a product item:
    A. Men's apparel C. Cheeseburgers
    B. An assortment of frozen foods D. Health and beauty aids

    C. Cheeseburgers

    Names, terms, symbols, or designs that identify products are called:


    When producing fresh food items, what is the standard that quick-serve restaurants should follow?

    Specify a certain grade

    Which of the following most affects buffet-style restaurant menu planning:
    A. Staff salaries C. Product cost
    B. Local competitors D. Economic projections.

    C. Product cost

    A pizza restaurant can provide a safe and appealing environment for customers by providing entrances that have

    Ample lighting

    An estimate of a quick-serve restaurant supply business's total sales for a future period of time is included in a

    Merchandising budget

    One of the most important factors that a buyer for a quick-serve restaurant supply business considers when deciding on quantities to buy is

    The sales and profit potential of the merchandise.

    The promotion of baseball-nut ice cream during a baseball season would be classified as ___ promotion.


    A factor affecting the promotional mix is whether the product being promoted is in the introductory, growth, maturity, pr declining stage of the product's

    Life cycle

    Which of the following would a hamburger restaurant use to promote special sales on menu items only to customers who live in a specific location:
    A. Specialty advertising C. Radio spots
    B. Suburban newspapers D. Utility direct mail

    B. Suburban newspapers

    One of the types of discounts that magazines offer to advertisers is the ___ discount.


    The Bedford Bagel Shop wants to measure the effectiveness of a television commercial it recently ran. Which of the following would the Bedford Bagel Shop be most likely to use:
    A. Recall test C. Market test.
    B. Portfolio test D. Recognition test

    A. Recall test

    Why do quick-serve restaurants need to understand the characteristics of good publicity?

    In order to use publicity effectively

    Designing frequency marketing programs for customers often will

    Increase sales and reduce expenses.

    Which of the following should be included in an ice cream shop's promotional plan:
    A. Objectives C. Storyboards
    B. Sales forecasts D. News releases

    A. Objectives

    Pizza restaurants can use information about previous promotions in their promotional planning if they keep the information on hand in a(n)

    Advertising record

    A promotional method frequently used by hamburger restaurants is to redeem a section of a print advertisement , referred to as a


    Signs, displays, painted walls, banners, and decorative canopies are all elements of

    Visual merchandising

    Determine whether the following statement is true or false: Display signs should provide information that is not otherwise conveyed to the customers.

    True, display signs should be informative

    When customers believe that quick-serve restaurant supply salespeople know the facts about the products they sell, customers view the salespeople as having


    Which of the following is one way that the use of computer technology helps quick-serve restaurant supply salespeople to better serve their customers:
    A. Eliminates follow-up C. Increases selling time
    B. Increases productivity D. Reduces account control

    B. Increases productivity

    When company promotional materials are used as sources of selling information, salespeople may need to

    Sort out useful selling facts

    Which of the following is a characteristic of decisive customers:
    A. Want the best C. Shop slowly
    B. Know what they want D. Like to see variety

    B. Know what they want

    Which of the following is an example of assisting customers in making buying decisions:
    A. Demonstrating product knowledge
    B. Being forceful with the customer
    C. Using general terms to explain features
    D. Showing indifference in helping customers

    A. Demonstrating product knowledge

    Advantages of goods or services that need little explanation by quick-serve restaurant supply salesperson are known as

    Obvious or apparent benefitds

    Since some customers have difficulty making a decision without assistance, asking customers to buy is considered a


    An office employee has lunch in a sandwich shop and purchases a carryout lunch for a fellow worker. The restaurant lunch consists of a chef's salad for $3.95 and iced tea for $.60. The carryout lunch consists of a sandwich, $2.25; potato chips, $.49; and soft drink, %.59. If the state tax rate is 5% on meals eaten on the premises, what is the total amount of the check?


    A salesperson submits a sales report containing the following information that the quick-serve restaurant supply business uses to determine compensation: $65,000 monthly sales, 15 total sales, and 90 appointments. If the business uses this information to determine compensation and the salespeople is paid 5% commission, what is the monthly compensation?


    Which of the following is not recommendation as a method of assessing sales-training needs:
    A. Surveying customers C. Observing the sales force
    B. Reading training magazines D. Examining company records

    B. Reading training magazines

    Explaining features and benefits of specific menu items to customers should be based on the

    Needs and wants of customers

    Cooking meat directly under a flame or electric unit is called


    A customer has ordered a combo meal that consists of a chicken sandwich, medium fries, and a medium drink. Which of the following items should the cashier suggest:
    A. A dessert C. An appetizer
    B. An additional sandwich D. An enlarge-it option

    D. An enlarge-it option

    What is one of the first steps in closing out a cash register?

    Counting cash

    When assembling a carryout order, it is necessary to include condiments that come in


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