Iowa State University HRI 101 NRA Certification Test. Hospitality and Restaurant Management- Manage First Program- Pearson


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  • Action Item (vocab definition)

    A part of an agenda item that requires some type of action. (vocab word)

    Action Meeting (vocab definition)

    A brief meeting, often with just a few employees, that addresses and resolves a problem so action can be taken right away. (vocab word)

    Action Plan (vocab definition)

    A series of steps that will be taken to resolve a problem. (vocab word)

    Adjourning (team development) (vocab definition)

    The fifth stage of team development, which occurs when the team has achieved its purpose and members move on to other tasks. (vocab word)

    Agenda (vocab definition)

    A list of topics that will be considered at a meeting. (vocab word)

    Alternative (problem solving) (vocab definition)

    A possible solution to a problem (vocab word)

    Anniversary Date (employment) (vocab definition)

    The date that the employee began working for the establishment. (vocab word)

    Arbitration (vocab definition)

    A process in which a neutral third party listens and reviews facts and makes a decision to settle a conflict. (vocab word)

    Authority (vocab definition)

    Formal power within an organization. (vocab word)

    Benchmark (vocab definition)

    A standard by which something can be measured or judged. (vocab word)

    Benefits (vocab definition)

    A service or right provided by an employer in addition to wages or salary, including employee health care, dental and vision insurance, vacation and sick leave pay, retirement contributions, or other benefits paid wholly or in part by the employer. (vocab word)

    Boilerplate (vocab definition)

    A term that relates to portions of contracts that do not change when they are used with different parties. (vocab word)

    Bonus (compensation) (vocab definition)

    An agreed-upon amount of additional compensation to be paid when specific financial goals are met. (vocab word)

    Brainstorming (vocab definition)

    A way to collect ideas in which each team member makes suggestions without comment from the others. (vocab word)

    Brainstorming Meeting (vocab definition)

    A meeting that develops a list of ideas or creative solutions to an issue confronting the operation; its purpose is to collect ideas, not to make a decision. (vocab word)

    Business Plan (vocab definition)

    A statement of goals and activities to be addressed within the next 12 months to move the operation toward its mission. (vocab word)

    Cause (problem-solving) (vocab definition)

    The actions or situations that create a problem. (vocab word)

    Certification (vocab definition)

    A process that requires an employee to demonstrate a high level of skill and to meet specific performance requirements by participating in a rigorous process to become certified. (vocab word)

    Chain of Command (vocab definition)

    The way in which authority flows from one management level to the next. (vocab word)

    Coaching (vocab definition)

    An informal process that reinforces positive job performance and corrects negative performance; it involves considerable listening skills, patience, and focus. (vocab word)

    COBRA (vocab definition)

    (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) A law that gives workers who lose health insurance benefits the right to continue group health benefits for limited periods under certain situations. (vocab word)

    Collective bargaining agreement (vocab definition)

    A legally binding contract between managers and the employees represented by a union. It defines employment conditions including wages and procedures to resolve disputes. (vocab word)

    Communication (vocab definition)

    The process of sending and receiving information by speech, gestures, or writing to receive a response or action. (vocab word)

    Compensation (vocab definition)

    All of the financial, or money, and nonfinancial, or non-money, payments and rewards given to employees in return for the work they do. (vocab word)

    Competitive Bids (vocab definition)

    Prices requested for items of the same quality from a specified number of vendors to determine the lowest price. (vocab word)

    Competitive Employers (vocab definition)

    Employers who hire the same type of employees as the establishment. (vocab word)

    Conflict Resolution (vocab definition)

    Processes that encourage finding solutions to problems before more formal grievance procedures are needed. (vocab word)

    Constructive Feedback (vocab definition)

    Feedback that focuses on specific aspects of performance and can be positive, such as emphasizing desired performance, or negative, such as addressing performance that should be improved. (vocab word)

    Contact List (vocab definition)

    A list of key persons to be notified in the event of an emergency. (vocab word)

    Contingency Plan (vocab definition)

    A document that outlines actions to take in the event of an emergency or an unexpected event.(vocab word)

    Controlling (vocab definition)

    The basic management activity that involves determining the extent to which the organization keeps on track of achieving goals. (vocab word)

    Coordinating (vocab definition)

    The basic management activity that involves arranging group efforts in the best way. (vocab word)

    Core Value (vocab definition)

    A key element of an operation that indicates the most basic reasons the business exists. (vocab word)

    Cost of Living (COL) (vocab definition)

    A pay increase related to an index developed by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics that reflects changes in the costs of items such as food, housing, and transportation to the average customer. (vocab word)

    Crew Schedule (vocab definition)

    A chart that informs employees who receives wages about the days and hours they are expected to work during a specific time period. (vocab word)

    Critical Indications (Vocab definition)

    Events that need to be recorded for historical purposes in case of a potential claim or lawsuit. (vocab word)

    Cross-functional Teams (vocab definition)

    A team of employees from different departments who consider problems that impact their areas and the operation as a whole. (vocab word)

    Cross-training (vocab definition)

    Training an employee to do work that is not normally part of his or her position. (vocab word)

    Debrief Meeting (vocab definition)

    A session in which the team leader asks all team member to evaluate all aspects of a project after it is completed. (vocab word)

    Delegation (vocab definition)

    The process of assigning authority to employees to do work that a manager at a higher organizational level would otherwise do. (vocab word)

    Departmental (team) goal (vocab definition)

    A goal that is set at the second highest level in the operation. (vocab word)

    Discrimination (vocab definition)

    Treating persons unequally for reasons that do not relate to their legal rights or abilities. (vocab word)

    Embezzlement (vocab definition)

    The crime of stealing money or property from the person or business who lawfully owns it. (voca word)

    Emergency (vocab definition)

    A sudden or unexpected situation that can cause injury, death, or property damage, or interfere with normal activities. (vocab word)

    Emergency Meeting (vocab definition)

    A type of action meeting that occurs when some type of emergency has occurred and immediate action must be taken. (vocab word)

    Employee Absence Policies (vocab definition)

    Guidelines and procedures that explain how employees must tell managers if they are unable to work. (vocab word)

    Employee Development Program (vocab definition)

    An organized series of actions planned to expand an employee's skills and knowledge. (vocab word)

    Employee Turnover Rate (vocab definition)

    The percentage of the total number of employees who must be replaced during a specific time period such as a month or a year. (vocab word)

    Environmental Noise (vocab definition)

    Any sound, such as loud talking or blaring radios, that interferes with communication. (vocab word)

    Equal Pay Act (vocab definition)

    A federal law that requires that men and women in the same workplace be given equal pay for equal work. (vocab word)

    Esteem Needs (vocab definition)

    Needs that focus on how people feel about themselves and how they think others feel about them (vocab word)

    Evacuation (vocab definition)

    The process of removing customers and employees from the building when an emergency occurs. (vocab word)

    Exempt Employee (vocab definition)

    An employee who does not qualify for overtime pay according to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). (vocab word)

    Exit Interview (vocab definition)

    An interview with an employee who leaves voluntarily to help managers learn about any employee concerns, reasons for leaving, and suggestions about how the company can improve. (vocab word)

    External Communication (vocab definition)

    Communication that builds the customer base and helps build and maintain the establishment's desired identity throughout the community. (vocab word)

    Facilitator (vocab definition)

    Someone who runs a meeting (vocab word)

    Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) (vocab definition)

    A federal law that sets minimum wage, overtime pay, equal pay, record-keeping, and child-labor standards for covered employees. (vocab word)

    Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) (vocab definition)

    A federal law that allows eligible employees to take off an extended amount of time for medical and other personal reasons; it applies to businesses employing 50 or more persons. (vocab word)

    Feedback (vocab definition)

    The way in which a person responds when he or she receives a message. (vocab word)

    Floater (vocab definition)

    An employee who can perform more than one job on a regular basis. (vocab word)

    Forming (team development) (vocab definition)

    The first stage of team development, in which team members get to know each other and learn what they will have to do to reach their assigned goals. (vocab word)

    Fringe benefits (vocab definition)

    Money paid indirectly in support of employees for purposes such as vacation, holiday pay, sick leave, and health insurance. (vocab word)

    Functional Team (vocab definition)

    A team of employees form the same area or department who perform the routine tasks in their job description. (vocab word)

    Garnishment (vocab definition)

    A legal procedure by which someone who is owed money can collect what is owed from an employee's wages. (vocab word)

    Ghost Employee (vocab definition)

    A person who receives a paycheck but is not currently employed. (vocab word)

    Gross Pay (vocab definition)

    The amount paid excluding contributions for payroll, social security, taxes, and other required employer payments. (vocab word)

    Ground Rules (meeting) (vocab definition)

    Rules about how meetings are run, how participants should interact, and what behavior i acceptable. (voca word)

    Harassment (vocab definition)

    Unwelcome conduct based on race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), national origin, age (40 or older), disability, or genetic information. (vocab word)

    Herzberg's Two-factor Theory (vocab definition)

    A theory that identifies two different sets of factors that can motivate (motivation factors) and demotivate (maintenance factors) employees. (vocab word)

    High-performance Team (vocab definition)

    A team whose member have an interest interest in helping make decisions and develop plans to assist the operation in reaching its goals. (vocab word)

    Hostile Environment (sexual harassment) (vocab definition)

    An environment that is sexually demeaning or intimidating (creating fear). (vocab word)

    Incentive (vocab definition)

    A factor such as recognition or wanting to be part of a group that makes employees act in ways that help them reach personal goals. (vocab word)

    Income Statement (vocab definition)

    A summary of the establishment's profitability during a certain time period. (vocab word)

    Individual Performance Goal (vocab definition)

    A goal that focuses on each employee's personal efforts. (vocab word)

    Information Meeting (vocab definition)

    A meeting that shares communication such as project reports and updates or one used for orientation and training. (vocab word)

    Insubordination (vocab definition)

    Failure to follow reasonable instructions. (vocab word)

    Interdepartmental Communication (vocab definition)

    Communication that occurs between employees in different departments. (vocab word)

    Internal Communication (vocab definition)

    Communication that relates to messages of all types sent by managers to all employees. (vocab word)

    Interpersonal Communication (vocab definition)

    Communication that involves speaking to one or a few individuals who are standing or sitting close to each other and providing immediate feedback. (vocab word)

    Intranet (vocab definition)

    a system that allows employees and teams to use the company's private communications network to share information and ideas. (vocab word)

    Involuntary Termination (vocab definition)

    A situation in which managers terminate an employee for one or more of four reasons: lack of work for the employee, lack of funding, unsatisfactory performance, or violation of a company policy. (vocab word)

    Job Description (vocab definition)

    A listing of the tasks that a person working within a position must be able to perform. (vocab word)

    Job Specification (vocab definition)

    A listing of the personal requirements needed to successfully do the tasks listed on the job description. (vocab word)

    Labor Cost (vocab definition)

    The money and fringe benefit expenses paid to the employees for the work they do. (vocab word)

    Leadership (vocab definition)

    The ability to inspire and motivate employees to act in ways that are in line with the vision of an organization and that help accomplish its goals. (vocab word)

    Legal Liability (vocab definition)

    Liability that occurs when an establishment is legally responsible for a situation. (vocab word)

    Line Position (vocab definition)

    A position ranging from the establishment's owner or manager, to department heads such as the kitchen or beverage manager, wo entry-level employees such as servers and bartenders. (vocab word)f

    Line-up Meeting (vocab definition)

    A brief training session held before a work shift begins. (vocab word)

    Listening (vocab definition)

    The ability to focus on what a person is saying to understand the message being sent. (vocab word)

    Long-range Plan (vocab definition)

    A statement of goals and the activities necessary to reach them that can be used over the next 3-5 years to move the operation toward its mission. (vocab word)

    Maintenance Factor (Two-factor Theory) (vocab definition)

    Things that, if not taken care of, can make employees unhappy and prevent them from doing a good job. (vocab word)

    Manage by Walking Around (vocab definition)

    The process of moving around the restaurant or foodservice operation constantly, praising workers who perform well and correcting employees if work is not being done correctly. (vocab word)

    Management (vocab definition)

    Using what you have to do what you want to do. (vocab word)

    Management Schedule (vocab definition)

    A schedule that shows days and times managers are expected to work. (vocab word)

    Manager's Daily Log (vocab definition)

    A log containing information that affects the operation, including what happened during each shift. It is useful for reviewing situations and noting problems, and for capturing facts that can protect the establishment from legal liabilities. (vocab word)

    Marketing Plan (vocab definition)

    A calendar of specific activities designed to meet the operation's revenue goals. (vocab word)

    Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs (vocab definition)

    A theory that identifies five basic human needs, which typically arise in a certain order. As soon as one need is fulfilled to the desired extent, a person is motivated to fulfill the next need. (vocab word)

    Master Schedule (vocab definition)

    A schedule that allows managers to determine the number of employees needed in each position and the total hours that persons in these positions should work. (vocab word)

    Media Policy (vocab definition)

    A strategy developed to guide interactions with newspaper, television, and radio reporters about an establishment's response to an emergency. (vocab word)

    Mediation (vocab definition)

    A process in which a neutral third party facilitates a discussion of difficult issues and makes suggestions about an agreement. (vocab word)

    Medicare (vocab definition)

    A federal medical insurance program that primarily serves individuals over 65 regardless of income, younger persons who are disabled, and dialysis patients. (vocab word)

    Mentor (vocab definition)

    Someone who can serve as a wise adviser for an employee. (vocab word)

    Merit Pay Plan (vocab definition)

    A program that offers incentives for employees to improve performance and increase productivity (vocab word)

    Message Channel (vocab definition)

    The way in which a message is communicated; it can be through spoken or written words, graphics such as diagrams or photos, or nonverbal actions including body motions. (vocab word)

    Message Content (vocab definition)

    The information sent by the sender to the receiver. (vocab word)

    Message Context (vocab definition)

    The surrounding or environment through which a message travels. (vocab word)

    Minutes (vocab definition)

    A record of what is decided, what is accomplished, and what action items are agreed upon at meetings. (vocab word)

    Mission Statement (vocab definition)

    A statement that refines an operation's vision statement by stating the purpose of the organization to employees and customers. (vocab word)

    Motivation (vocab definition)

    The process of providing a person with a reason to do something. (vocab word)

    Motivation Factor (Two-factor Theory) (vocab definition)

    Things that motivate people. These can be personal and difficult to measure. (vocab word)

    Negative Discipline (vocab definition)

    Actions that discourage improper worker behavior. (vocab word)

    Negligence (vocab definition)

    A legal term that indicates a failure to use reasonable care as a manager, which i grounds for legal action. (vocab word)

    Negotiation (vocab definition)

    A discussion between involved persons with the goal of reaching an acceptable agreement. (vocab word)

    Networking (vocab definition)

    A process in which several people build relationships to help with career advancement and keep updated about the industry. (voca word)

    Nonverbal communication (vocab definition)

    Movement and body language used to convey a message. (vacb word)

    Norming (Team Development) (vocab definition)

    The third stage of team development, in which team members settle their differences and develop more trusting relationships. (vocab word)

    "No Show" (vocab definition)

    An employee who, when scheduled to work, neither tells the manager he or she will not work nor reports for his or her assigned shift. (vocab word)

    Operating Budget (vocab definition)

    A financial plan that estimates the revenue to be generated, the expenses to be incurred, and the profit, if any, for a specified time period. (vocab word)

    Organizational Culture (vocab definition)

    The beliefs, values, and norms shared by workers in the organization that are then passed on to new employees. (vocab word)

    Organizational Goal (vocab definition)

    A goal at the highest level, focusing on broad statements of what the entire operation wants to achieve. (vocab word)

    Outsource (vocab definition)

    Using an outside provider to do work that could otherwise be done by an employee. (vocab word)

    Overtime (control) (vocab definition)

    The number of labor hours worked in excess of scheduled hours. (vocab word)

    Overtime (legal) (vocab definition)

    The number of hours of work, usually 40, after which an employee must receive a premium pay rate. (vocab word)

    Performance Standard (vocab definition)

    A measure set by managers that defines the expected quality and quantity of an employee's work. (vocab word)

    Performing (Team Development) (vocab definition)

    The fourth stage of team development, in which team members begin to depend on each other and can effectively analyze and solve problems together. (vocab word)

    Personnel File (vocab definition)

    A file that is maintained for each employee and contains confidential documents including employment application, emergency contact form, disciplinary action history, and current personal information. (vocab word)

    Petty Cash Fund (vocab definition)

    A predetermined amount of money that is used to make relatively infrequent and low-cost purchases for an establishment. (vocab word)

    Physiological Needs (vocab definition)

    Needs that relate to the body and include food, water, air, and sleep. (vocab word)

    Point-of-sale (POS) System (vocab definition)

    A system that collects information about revenue, number of customers, menu items sold, and a wide range of other information that is helpful for management decision making. (vocab word)

    Policy (vocab definition)

    A planned course of action for an important activity that provides a general strategy for managing that activity. (vocab word)

    Positive Discipline (vocab definition)

    Actions that encourage desired worker behavior. (vocab word)

    Preventable Emergency (vocab definition)

    An emergency that may be prevented from happening, such as a fire of foodborne illness. (vocab word)

    Preventive Maintenance (vocab definition)

    Procedures that follow a manufacturer's instructions about how to keep equipment in good, working order. (vocab word)

    Prime Cost (vocab definition)

    The largest category of an operation's costs. (vocab word)

    Probation (Progressive Discipline ) (vocab definition)

    A specific time period during which an employee must consistently meet job standards or other reasonable conditions imposed by his or her manager as a condition for continued employment. (vocab word)

    Problem Solving (vocab definition)

    A well-thought-out process that uses a logical series of activities to determine a course of action. (vocab word)

    Problem-solving Meeting (vocab definition)

    A meeting held to consider and resolve one or more problems; it may involve discussing, analyzing, and reviewing alternatives, and deciding what actions should be taken. (vocab word)

    Problem-solving Team (vocab definition)

    A temporary team of employees selected to solve a specific problem. (vocab word)

    Professional Development (vocab definition)

    The actions people take to further their careers. (vocab word)

    Progressive Discipline (vocab definition)

    A process that involves a series of punishments that become more serious as unacceptable performance continues. (vocab word)

    Quid Pro Quo (Sexual Harassment) (vocab definition)

    Sexual harassment that occurs when one person asks for or expects an action of a sezul nature form another person in return for that person's employment or advancement. (vocab word)

    Receiver (vocab definition)

    The person or persons for whom a message is intended.

    Resources (vocab definition)

    The food and beverage products, money, time, equipment, energy, and work methods that can be used to reach goals. (vocab word)

    Responsibility (vocab definition)

    The obligation that workers have to their own bosses. (vocab word)

    Roberts' Rules of Order (vocab definition)

    A set of rules for conducting meetings in a organized way that allows everyone to be heard and to make decisions without confusion. (vocab word)

    Safety Needs (vocab definition)

    Needs concerning those things that make people feel secure or keep them safe. (vocab word)

    Salary (vocab definition)

    A fixed amount of money for a certain time period that does not vary, regardless of the number of hours worked. (vocab word)

    Sales Forecasts (vocab definition)

    Estimates of future sales based on sales history information. (vocab word)

    Sales History (vocab definition)

    Information about the number of customers who have visited the establishment on different days in previous weeks hat can be used to forecast customer counts for future dates. (vocab word)

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