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  • The Subway story began when __________, its cofounder, was 17 years old.

    Fred DeLuca

    was quoted saying "I

    __________ was quoted saying "If you have fun at what you do, you'll never work a day in your life"?

    Norman Brinker

    __________ is credited with being the first restaurant to franchise.

    Howard Johnson's

    Union Square Cafe was created in 1985 with __________.


    Using a town/city map to plot the location of existing restaurants on the map is an example of a __________.

    Topographical Survey

    A restaurant with a million-dollar sales volume per year can generate __________ per year in profit before taxes.

    $150,000 to $200,000

    Where is pizza native to?


    Prime locations vs. ordinary locations usually cost __________.

    a good deal more

    What is/are the advantage(s) in running a family-owned restaurant?

    Lower cost and less danger of theft

    The concept is devised to interest a certain group of people, called a(n) __________.

    target market

    Which concepts has the most sales of all the segment ratings in the United States?


    When asked by the author and others what helped most in getting where you are today, which of the following was the number one factor?

    Hard Work

    How long will restaurant patrons travel to reach a hotel, steak, full-menu, or fish restaurant?

    15 to 18 minutes

    McDonald's requires $300,000 in cash or liquid assets, a __________ initial fee, plus a monthly service fee based on the restaurant's sales performance and rent.


    Charlie Trotter's in Chicago has established itself as one of the finest restaurants. Chef Trotter stresses the use of pristine __________.

    seasonally naturally raised foodstuffs

    Which opportunity requires the highest original investment?


    Who is the chef-owner of Spago?

    Wolfgang Puck

    The first known quick-service restaurant dates back to the 1870s, when a New York City foodservice establishment called the __________.

    Plate House

    Who is the president of Union Square Hospitality Group?

    Danny Meyer

    Restaurant design has two main design areas: __________ and __________.

    front-of-the-house, back-of-the-house

    What are the responsibilities of a franchisee?

    Hiring employees and operating a store

    H.G. Parsa found the actual failure rate of restaurants during the second year of operation is


    The matrix of ideas that constitutes what will be perceived as the restaurant's image is the __________.

    restaurant concept

    Which restaurant opportunity has the highest original investment needed, highest psychological cost of failure, highest financial risk as well as provides a high potential for reward?


    Which involves the least financial risk, yet the psychological risk may be high?


    A sandwich shop can usually be opened for less than __________.


    Boulanger believed that __________ was the cure to all sorts of illnesses.


    Whose mission is to awaken our thinking about food selection and its relationship to the planet?

    alice waters

    __________ departs from the often dimly lit restaurant operated by a Chinese family and offers, instead, an exhibition kitchen.

    china bistro

    Which involves the highest risks overall?

    Building from scratch

    The extent to which the restaurant can be seen for a reasonable amount of time and whether the potential guest is walking or driving is the concept of __________.


    People will often travel __________ or more to reach a restaurant with a great reputation.

    1 hour

    Up to __________ of the meals eaten away from home are for utilitarian purposes.


    Which is a compact, dense, boneless cut of meat?

    New York Strip

    According to the text, a restaurant has two potential values, its:

    real estate value and value as a profit generator

    Franchising a restaurant involves

    the least financial risk compared to independent restaurants, least financial risk to professional managers

    The average check for fine dining runs __________ or more.


    The initial fee to open a Subway for first-time franchise buyers is __________.


    H.G. Parsa found the actual failure rate of restaurants during the third year of operation is


    Seat turnover is also highly correlated with __________.


    The best guide in selecting a restaurant planner/consultant is by __________.

    Experience and Reputation

    Economies of scale can __________.

    Reduce food, labor, and overhead costs

    A failing restaurant:

    should change its concept to fit the market

    Theme restaurants, such as Hard Rock Cafe and Planet Hollywood should be located near __________.

    Tourist Attractions

    A __________ should include a vision of what the restaurant owner would like for the restaurant in the future.

    Mission statement

    The concept of "D and B" stands for __________.

    Different and Better

    The __________ ethnic restaurant category represents the largest in number of concepts.


    Which type of restaurant is built around an idea, usually emphasizing fun and fantasy, glamorizing or romanticizing an activity?


    Which is the prime source of information for restaurant location decisions?

    Real Estate Agents

    A concept is strengthened if it immediately establishes a(n) __________, one that is vivid and easily remembered.


    The __________ grade of meat is similar to select, but is less juicy and tender.


    Because some restaurants go out of business, used equipment is __________ available from restaurant dealers.

    almost always

    The _______________is simply a tank holding heated water in which hot foods in pots or crocks are placed to keep food warm (above 140°F and to avoid further cooking).

    bain marie

    Written standards for food that are based on a forecast of sales are called

    ordering points

    ________________ can act as cooking pots; when filled with water, they can be used for quick-cooking vegetables, cooking hams or frankfurters, reheating foods, hard-boiling eggs, cooking macaroni or spaghetti, or holding canned or containerized foods.

    Deep-fat fryers

    According to Energy Star, a branch of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, as much as __________ of the $10 billion annual energy bill for the commercial foodservice industry does no useful work.


    Vegan restaurants

    do not serve dairy or meat

    Raw bars or restaurants do not serve food

    above 116°F

    The __________ grade of meat is popular in supermarkets.


    A 100-seat restaurant with a bar would need an ice machine capable of producing __________ pounds of ice per day.


    Consistency in food preparation is achieved by

    standardizing recipes and cooking procedures

    If a restaurant offers a steak on the menu that costs $5 and sells for $14.95, the contribution margin is __________ for every steak sold.


    A(n) _______________ takes in outside dry air and pass it through loosely woven pads.

    evaporative cooler

    Factors that go into building perceived price-value include

    portion size, choices, service consistency, comfort level

    The points that indicate more food should be ordered are called __________.

    reorder points

    If your restaurant operates with a profit margin of around 5 percent, you'll need about __________ worth of sales to earn $450.


    Two of the main menu pricing strategies include

    using a comparative approach and/or price and multiply by the ratio necessary to achieve a food-cost percentage

    Meat buyers should use the __________ numbering system for meat items.

    U.S. Department of Agriculture

    Low-temperature dishwashing machines operate with water temperatures as low as __________. Germicidal chemicals, rather than heat, are used to kill the germs.


    About __________ appetizers are adequate for the majority of restaurants.

    6 to 8

    According to the text, the ___________ determines the equipment.

    . menu

    Because evaporative coolers have no need of compressors, they operate at approximately __________ of the cost of operating a refrigerated air-conditioning unit of similar cooling capacity.


    The reasonable amount of food to have on hand is known as __________.

    par stock

    In purchasing a griddle, Avery recommends buying only those that preheat to __________ in 7 to 12 minutes.

    350°F or 400°F

    The __________ process enables chefs to safely (and efficiently) prepare large amounts of food for long-term storage in a refrigerated environment.


    The __________ grade applies to highly specialized produce, a very small percentage of the total crop. This grade is rarely used on most commodities because it is too costly to pack.

    U.S. Fancy

    The area set aside for open kitchens costs about __________ more than in a standard kitchen.


    In the usual restaurant who decides on product specification and selects purveyors?

    The manager, in consultation with the chef

    The overall objective of restaurant layout planning is to

    minimize the number of steps taken by wait staff, minimize the number of steps taken by kitchen personnel

    The first step in putting together a purchasing system is to determine the __________.

    food standards

    Prime cost is the cost of __________.

    . food and labor

    Operators who frequently use canned fruits or vegetables perform can-cutting tests, usually in the __________.


    A(n) __________ menu offers a complete meal including soup or appetizer, salad and vegetable for a fixed price.

    table d'hôte

    The area set aside for open kitchens costs about __________ more than in a standard kitchen


    With grilled salmon, nowadays, the wine of choice seems to be a __________.

    Pinot noir

    A fruit that will not ripen after being picked is a(n


    Kitchen floors are usually covered with which of the following?

    Tile, Sealed concrete

    Which grade is used for the best meat product available?


    The length of time an item can be stored without appreciable loss in quality or weight is called

    shelf life

    ________ are the most expensive item served in most restaurants.


    According to the National Restaurant Association's "What's Hot" survey, the number-one trend among chefs was buying __________.

    local produce

    The grade __________ of meat comes from older cattle and lacks tenderness.


    A __________ is a nonprofit institution that is able to provide restaurant food and supplies at lower cost than the profit-oriented purveyors.


    To ensure menu ingredients are available, fresh, and priced right restaurant operators should

    take advantage of the seasons when items are at the lowest price and best quality , use the ups and downs in food prices and partially overcome them by seasonal or even daily menus , use frozen foods when fresh foods are not available,

    The_______________, whose surface has sections separately controlled for temperature, can cook different foods at different temperatures at the same time

    sectionalized griddle

    Which person said, "The benefits of having an open kitchen are that it brings energy to the dining room, creates a show for the guest-like watching a performance, and it gives the customer a sense of being on the 'inside' - similar to a reality TV show"?

    Roland Passot

    Fresh meat should be stored at a temperature of __________.


    Who is responsible for maintaining inspection services at principal shipping points and terminal markets?


    A forced-air convection oven is similar to a(n) __________ except that a fan or rotor, usually located in the back, makes for rapid circulation of the air and quicker heating of the food.

    conventional oven

    Which menu separates similar entrées: beef in one section, seafood in another?


    How formal should the relations between host and guest be?

    It depends on the type of experience you are trying to deliver.

    A person can be thought of as a clean-up person, but a better description would be Òa person who expedites seat turnover.Ó This is an example of emphasizing the __________.

    job objective

    The __________ model views restaurant managers as coaches, they are engaged in informal training much of the timeÑshowing, telling, correcting, praising, and providing direction.

    manager as coach

    Which best describes the hands-in-pocket policy?

    The manager will never consider being physical when handling a customer problem

    According to the text, the word manage implies __________.

    purpose and the mobilization of resources for given goals

    When a restaurantÕs employees are not productive and customer-service levels are not up to snuff, such problems can often be traced to the design of the __________ interface, ranging from complicated screen layouts to inappropriately sized buttons and the poor use of colors for different menu items.


    Visitors to this country are pleasantly surprised by the service, especially that given by __________.

    college students

    A test is said to be __________ if essentially the same results are seen on repeated testing.


    Which is true?

    . Training low-skilled employees may be just as important as training highly skilled workers

    All front-of-the-house employees should take the __________ courses offered by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation.

    Bar Code

    __________ power is derived from an individualÕs personal charisma and the respect and/or admiration the individual inspires.


    In __________ sexual harassment, comments or innuendos of a sexual nature or physical contact are considered a violation when they interfere with an employeeÕs work performance or create an Òintimidating, hostile, or offensive working environment.Ó


    According to the text job specifications __________.

    identify the qualifications and skills needed to perform the job

    Which best describes learner-controlled instruction (LCI)?

    A program which employees can achieve given standards at their own pace

    Who is known as the as the creator of eggs Benedict, veal Oscar, and for aiding in the popularization of Thousand Island dressing?

    . Oscar of the Waldorf

    According to Brian Wilber, district manager of Bon AppŽtit Management Company, a chef is responsible for __________ of its food costs.


    Technological improvements have made it possible to do a restaurantÕs food cost percentage in about _____________of the time it used to take and with more accuracy.


    Which training method allows the learning to be absorbed and avoids fatigue?

    Spaced training

    Most customer complaints are __________.

    left unspoken

    If you were to ask any hospitality leader what his or her greatest challenge is, the likely answer would be __________.


    What is the first goal for an orientation program?

    . explain the company history, philosophy, mission, goals, and objectives

    With seamless integration between restaurant managers and the Write On Handheld POS system __________.

    servers simply jot down guests orders and send them to the kitchen

    Full-service restaurants normally allow about __________ for a deuce.

    1? hours

    AlohaÕs virtual order processing communicates between the

    kitchen and waitstaff

    Which approach to task and job analysis must be used in new restaurants because there are no existing employees to analyze?


    The seven commandments of customer service include all except __________.

    donÕt be aggressive in listening

    The Federal Trade CommissionÕs Consumer Fraud and Identity Theft Complaint Data report stated that __________ was the most common form of reported identity theft.

    credit card fraud

    __________ is the application of strategies to settle opposing ideas, goals, and/or objectives in a positive manner.

    Conflict management

    Several of the leading restaurant chains have found that teenagers beginning at age __________ are excellent candidates for doing almost every restaurant job.


    If a patron has the ÒNothing is too good for our anniversaryÓ attitude, the server should use (a) __________.

    hard sell

    The cost of a POS system with two or three stations in the dining area, one in the bar, one in the managerÕs office, plus printers in the kitchen is about __________.

    $18,000- $20,000

    The most useful source for finding employees is __________.

    referrals by current employees

    Easy access to restaurant Web sites is important. It is also helpful to include:

    directions and parking information

    The ÒWÓ in SWOT assessment stands for __________.


    __________ refers to what makes people tick: the needs and desires and fears and aspirations within people that make them behave as they do.


    What is the first thing severs should do upon approaching a new table?

    introduce themselves

    Which concentrates on restaurant performance improvements allowing the restaurant operator to identify areas in which to increase revenues, improve operational efficiency, and improve guest service?


    The U.S. Department of Labor, Wage, and Hour Division deals with __________ discrimination.

    sex and age

    According to the Job Function Sheet in the text, which person is responsible for all food preparation and supervision of kitchen staff? (In addition, they must have thorough knowledge of food preparation and good food standards and should know how to work with and supervise people.)

    Food production manager

    Tipping in New York City is probably higher than in most American cities, close to __________.

    . 20%

    Which does the behavior modification theory urge?

    An immediate reward for whatever behavior is desired

    In order to stop employees from coming in early and taking a socialization break some restaurants have __________.

    programs that will not allow employees to clock in more than 10 minutes early and 5 minutes late

    The most effective way to check an employeeÕs references is to follow-up by __________.


    The ÒTÓ in SWOT assessment stands for __________.


    The Educational Foundation of the National Restaurant Association has developed informational video tapes and CD-ROMs. Topics areas include all except __________.

    Profit sharing

    Which best describes the concept of recruitment?

    . Process by which prospective employees are attracted to the restaurant so that a suitable applicant may be selected for employment.

    __________ is defined as a Òdifference, variety, or unlikeness.Ó


    Electronic cash registers (ECRs) __________.

    are now offering some of the flexibility of POS

    At age __________, teenagers may legally work at any job.


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