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  1. strainers
  2. griddling
  3. larding
  4. flat beater
  5. zester
  6. nonstick
  7. peeler
  8. spine
  9. spices
  10. broiler
  11. portion
  12. cheesecloth
  13. parchment paper
  14. 20 degrees
  15. convection
  16. fish
  17. recovery time
  18. refrigerator
  19. carry over cooking
  20. serrated
  21. roasting
  22. tongs
  23. hotel pan
  24. parisienne scoop
  25. storage
  26. sous vide
  27. batter
  28. stainless steel
  29. bain-marie
  30. seasoning
  31. straight spatula
  32. marinating
  33. oyster knife
  34. skimmer
  35. guiding hand
  36. preparation
  37. boning
  38. salamander
  39. blanching
  40. mandolin
  41. double boiler
  42. receiving
  43. steam table
  1. a A ___ knife is used to slice bread or a cake.
  2. b ____ is the amount of time it takes oil to reheat to the proper cooking temperature after food is added.
  3. c At what angle should you hold a knife to sharpen it?
  4. d Which piece of equipment removes foam from stock or soup and removes solid ingredients from liquids.
  5. e That is the name of the pot that has a lower pot with boiling/simmering water used to gently cook the food in the upper pot?
  6. f What is the name of the light, fine, mesh gauze that is used for straining liquids, bundling herbs or thickening yogurt?
  7. g Which type of pan is used to hold prepared food in a steam table, hot-holding cabinet or refrigerator?
  8. h What piece of equipment is used to keep foods warm?
  9. i A China cap and chinois are types of ____.
  10. j Which type of oven has a fan that circulates hot air around the food as it cooks?
  11. k ____ is what you get when you combine wet and dry ingredients in a bowl or blender
  12. l What product is often used to line pans to prevent food from sticking to them.
  13. m Which hand tool would most likely to be used to cut sections from melons?
  14. n The bark, roots, seeds buds or berries of an aromatic plant are called ___.
  15. o Which type of knife is used to open oysters?
  16. p A fillet knife is used to cut ____.
  17. q A ___ must maintain a temperature between 32F-41F.
  18. r Dry goods must be stored at least 8 inches off the floor on ____ shelving.
  19. s On which type of pan do we use a plastic mesh scrubber to clean it with?
  20. t Which hand tool that is shaped like scissors and used to pick up all kinds of foods.
  21. u Knives, slicers and mixers are which type of food service equipment?
  22. v Which moist-heat cooking method involves partially cooking food in a liquid or with steam?
  23. w Which hand tool cuts a thick layer from vegetables and fruits more efficiently than a paring knife?
  24. x Which type of knife is used to separate raw meat from the bone?
  25. y The non cutting edge (top) of the knife blade is called known as its ____.
  26. z Which dry-heat method cooks food by surrounding the item with hot, dry air in the oven?
  27. aa The term that refers to the amount of an item that is served to guests.
  28. ab ___ is soaking an item in a seasoned liquid to add flavor and moisture.
  29. ac The process of inserting long, thin strips of fat into a large, naturally lean piece of meat with a special needle before cooking to baste the meat from the inside is called___.
  30. ad Which beater paddle is used to mix, mash and cream soft foods.
  31. ae A ____ is something we add to food to enhance its flavor without changing the primary flavor of the dish.
  32. af Which hand tool with a flexible, round-tip is frequently used for icing cakes, spreading fillings, glazes , leveling dry ingredients and turning pancakes and other foods?
  33. ag A utility cart is an example of which type of food service equipment?
  34. ah Which dry-heat cooking method cooks a food item on a hot flat surface or in a relatively dry heavy-bottomed fry pan or cast-iron skillet?
  35. ai A stainless steal slicer that is operated manually and has adjustable blades that allow it to slice and julienne is called a ____.
  36. aj The hand that is NOT holding the knife is called ____.
  37. ak ____ is a type of holding equipment that is a unit designed to hold either one full-size hotel pan or multiple smaller hotel pans per slot.
  38. al Which cooking method involves cooking food for long periods of time (sometimes over 24 hours) in an airtight plastic bag placed in hot water
  39. am A rotisserie is a type of ____.
  40. an A ___ is a hand tool that shreds small pieces of citrus fruit.
  41. ao A walk-in refrigerator is an example of which type of food service equipment?
  42. ap Which type of broiler is used to brown, finish and melt foods to order?
  43. aq The term ___ refers to the cooking that happens when the food is removed from the oven and the food continues to cook because of the heat still in the pan.