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  1. Tempura are sticks or pieces of raw ___ that is served with a dipping sauce.
  2. Honeydew and Crenshaw are varieties of ____.
  3. What is the name of the sauce that is made by simmering dried fruits like apricots, currants and raisins?
  4. What is the chemical process that occurs when oxygen comes in contact with the flesh of cut fruit?
  5. Before serving any fruit, it must be ____.
  6. With the exception of bananas, many ripe fruits can be stored at _____.
  7. A ___ is an example of a stem vegetable.
  8. In reference to canned products, which rating indicates the highest quality?
  9. Which finishing technique gives vegetables a glossy appearance.
  10. A ____ is an example of a root vegetable.
  11. A ___ is an example of a summer fruit.
  12. Mixing ____ with fresh fruit keeps the fruit from turning brown.
  13. _____ are fruits that have a central pit enclosing a single seed.
  14. What happens to fruit when its stored in temperatures between 65F- 70F?
  15. Which vegetable classification is an avocado?
  16. Bermuda and pearl are varieties of ____.
  17. _____ have lots of vitamin A.
  18. Black Beauty and Japanese are varieties of _____.
  19. Which cutting technique is usually used on smaller foods such as garlic and herbs?
  20. What is the natural form of sugar found in fruit?
  21. Peaches, nectarines and apricots are examples of orange ____.
  22. An example of a tuber type vegetable is a ____.
  23. When some fruits emit _____ , it causes other fruits to ripen.
  24. Which fruit is of better quality when it is stored in cool dry place where moisture can't get to it?
  25. _____ can be kept up to 4 days.
  26. Chefs can determine a vegetable's degree of "done-ness" by its ______.
  27. Which cooking method is used to make tempura vegetables?
  28. In which cooking method is fruit cooked in simmering liquid?
  29. Gala and Granny Smith are varieties of ____.
  30. An example(s) of a flower type vegetable is/are ____.
  31. ___ is an example of a seed vegetable.
  32. Bosc and d'Anjou are varieties ____.
  33. What kind of farming allows us to grow vegetables indoors year-round under regulated temperatures and light in nutrient enriched watering conditions?
  34. A ____ is an example of a tropical fruit.
  35. Which vegetable is the main ingredient in guacamole?
  36. A(n)____ is an example of a winter fruit.
  37. What helps fruits retain its structure when cooking?
  38. Bibb and romaine are varieties of ____.