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  1. Which type of potato is best for sauteing?
  2. Yams can be stored up to ___week(s).
  3. Which variety of rice has an aromatic and nutty flavor?
  4. How many inches above the floor should dry grains be stored?
  5. One pound of dry pasta yields how many pounds cooked pasta?
  6. In reference to pasta, a fancy way to say firm is ____.
  7. Which cooking technique sautes the grain briefly in oil or butter and them simmers it in stock or water with different seasonings?
  8. Compared to fresh pasta, it takes _____ for dry pasta to cook.
  9. Sweet potatoes and ____ can be used interchangeably.
  10. Which potatoes are harvested when they are usually less than 2 inches in diameter?
  11. At what temperature should potatoes be stored?
  12. For baking, pureeing and frying potatoes, the best potatoes to use are ____.
  13. When potatoes are exposed to light, they develop a ____color.
  14. Which pasta is short and shaped like a corkscrew?
  15. Russet and all-purpose potatoes should be kept no longer than ____ days.
  16. Why is the resting stage important when making fresh pasta dough?
  17. What is chemical that develops when a potato has been exposed to light? It is a harmful bitter-tasting substance. It causes the potato to develop a greenish color.
  18. Which part of the grain contains the most protein and carbohydrates?
  19. Which legume is used to make hummus?
  20. What is the Italian rice specialty that is made by stirring hot stock into a mixture of rice that has been sauteed in butter?
  21. Which potato is also known as the Russet?
  22. How many days can freshly made pasta be stored in the refrigerator?
  1. a Idaho
  2. b Risotto
  3. c 3
  4. d Chicpea
  5. e Russet
  6. f solanine
  7. g high in starch and low in moisture
  8. h allows dough to relax and makes it easier to roll
  9. i greenish
  10. j Pilaf
  11. k Yams
  12. l 30
  13. m 45-55 degrees
  14. n 6
  15. o al dente
  16. p endosperm
  17. q Jasmine
  18. r Chef's
  19. s longer
  20. t 2
  21. u Fusilli
  22. v 4