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  1. a number of ingredients placed on, in, or between bread
  2. the supplies, money, or staff that a company needs to do business
  3. the creation and practice of clean and healthy food-handling habits
  4. an accurate list of the ingredients, their quantities, and the preparation methods needed to prepare a particular menu item in a consistent manner every time
  5. fish with one eye on each side of their head that swim through the water with their dorsal fin upright
  6. to correct
  7. a physical, mental, and emotional response to external pressures
  8. plunging a blanched vegetable or fruit into ice water; also called refreshing
  9. these can be produced or carried out over a long period of time without a negative effect on the environment
  10. water creatures that have no bones, but have bodies covered by hard external surfaces such as the bony body of a lobster or the hard shell of a clam
  11. large, shallow pans used for baking and food storage
  12. to add water back to a product
  13. a dice cut measuring 1/4 x 1/4 x 1/4 inches (6 x 6 x 6 mm)
  14. a business in which one person owns and often operates the business
  15. a smaller, less powerful broiler used for browning food rather than fully cooking it
  16. a eide pan with 6 to 8 inch (15 to 21 cm) sides and two looped handles
  17. portioning dough by weight
  18. a written or electronic request for product used to control food and account for food
  19. cooking food in liquid at temperatures between 185 F and 205 F (85 C and 96 C)
  20. the process by which something ie reformulated to be used again
  21. an individual segment without skin, pith, seeds, or membrane from any citrus fruit
  22. the act of separating the contents of the bivalve from the shell
  23. the coagulated clearmeat containing trapped impurities that floats on top the consomme'
  24. cookies that are made by evenly spreading the dough or batter onto a sheet pan, the dough is then baked and cut
  25. a method that cooks food by surrounding it with hot air
  26. cakes that are leavened by air whipped into eggs in the cake formula
  27. cooking food in a small amount of fat using low heat in order to soften the food without browning
  28. a measure of the heat of chile peppers
  29. a summary of the important information about an applicant, such as work history, education, and other relevant information such as awards, certificates held, and languages spoken
  30. a mixture of cold liquid and starch used to thicken liquids
  31. a saute' pan with sloped or rounded sides
  32. a long-handled tool used to strain items or lift them out of liquid
  33. to extract by melting
  34. fried eggs that are not flipped over during cooking
  35. the route aromas travel up the back of the nasal cavity from the back of the throat cavity
  36. the pots, pans, and other hand tools used to prepare food
  37. the dollars received in payment for the meal
  38. the loss of water during the cooking process
  39. a rod used to keep the blade sharp as you work
  40. a menu that offers the samme items every day
  41. the flour milled from a hard variety of wheat that is flavored as a pasta ingredient because its texture allows pasta to stay firmer for longer
  42. a style of service in which the front-of-the-house staff serves food onto the plates that are preset in front of the guests
  43. a highly flavored liquid made by simmering bones with vegetables, herbs, and spices
  44. a nutrition professional that has completed at minimum a bachelor's degree in dietetics, an internship, and passed a national exam
  45. a cooking method that simmers or braises bite-sized pieces of meat or poultry in sufficient liquid to fully cover the ingredients
  46. tart dough that is similar to short dough with addition of sugar and egg yolks
  47. a thickened liquid that complements other foods
  48. the woody parts of plants, including seeds, bark, berries, buds, and roots that are used to flavor foods
  49. a mixture of equal parts flour and fat by weight that is cooked to varying degrees of donenee and used to thicken liquids
  50. the transfer of heat energy through waves
  51. quickly cooking an item in a small amount of hot fat over high heat
  52. a saute' pan with straight sides
  53. a coulis-type mixture with the addition of a dairy product that is a cross between sorbet and ice cream
  54. a portion-sized piece of meat that is cut from a larger muscle or group of muscles
  55. a balanced arrangement that is identical on opposite sides of a center point
  56. to boil a liquid, such as a stock, to evaporate water and concentrate flavor
  57. a small cheesecloth bag containing herbs and spices
  58. an item that can be repurposed and kept out of the waste stream
  59. rice that is simmered while hot seasoned liquid is continually added in small amounts with constant stirring
  60. a term used to classify a salad of greens and various raw vegetables such as cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, and others
  61. man-made
  62. fats used in the bakeshop
  63. a material used to make knife blades that does not pit, rust, or discolor, and does not affect the flavor of foods
  64. any unwelcome sexual advance, request for sexual favor, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature that affects a person's ability to work
  65. a condiment made of a mixture of chopped or diced ingredients preserved in an acidic liquid
  66. the adoption of practices that either preserve or improve the condition of Earth for future generations
  67. a round slice cut from round food such as carrots
  68. the state a carcass passes through shortly after death when muscle tissue temporarily becomes extermely hard and stiff
  69. cookies formed by spreading dough out into a thin sheet and then cutting cookies into desired shape and baking
  70. equal parts of water and sugar by weight that is brought to a boil and simmered just until the sugar dissolves in the water
  71. an environment that is free from pathogens
  72. dough that is similar to mealy pie dough and used for savory tarts; butter is typically used as the shortening for this dough
  73. a permanently fixed, large pot with double-walled construction; the gap between the two walls fills with steam and heats the inside surface of the kettle
  74. a combination of seasonings that are massaged into a food product to impart flavor
  75. a moist method that cooks a food product by surrounding it with steam vapor
  76. a person that knows and can discuss your work history and personal qualities
  77. a type of lipid that contains only single bonds and is solid at room temperature
  78. cookies made from a soft cookie dough that is forced through a pastry bag to form shapes such as rosettes, shells, and scrolls and then baked
  79. a list of products and the amounts needed to prepare a dish followed by preparation instructions
  80. a thick-walled, "supersurvival unit" produced by a bacterium to survive conditions that might otherwise kill the bacterium
  81. the process of browning meat to form an even crust, which produces an appealing brown color and a richer flavor
  82. a period marked by the end of the Middle Ages known for changes in science, art, thought, and music that transformed Europe
  83. the Fench name for a frozen mixture of fruit pure'e, sugar, and water
  1. a sautoir (saw TWAHR)
  2. b steak
  3. c sweet dough
  4. d sole proprietorship
  5. e registered dietitian (RD)
  6. f steel
  7. g round fish
  8. h standardized recipe
  9. i steaming
  10. j sexual harassment
  11. k sorbet (sohr BAY)
  12. l scaling
  13. m Renaissance
  14. n sheet cookies
  15. o rondeau (rahn DOH)
  16. p raft
  17. q shortening
  18. r smallwares
  19. s simple syrup
  20. t steam-jacketed kettle
  21. u resource
  22. v render
  23. w rehydrate
  24. x sanitary
  25. y shrinkage
  26. z recycling
  27. aa stewing
  28. ab synthetic
  29. ac remedy
  30. ad sales
  31. ae simple salad
  32. af Scoville heat units (SHU)
  33. ag rigor mortis
  34. ah sanitation
  35. ai sherbert
  36. aj sustainability
  37. ak spore
  38. al sheet pans
  39. am retronasal pathway
  40. an spices
  41. ao simmering
  42. ap spritz cookies
  43. aq stainless steel
  44. ar sandwich
  45. as saturated fat
  46. at slurry
  47. au reduce
  48. av sauteuse (saw-tooz)
  49. aw symmetry
  50. ax roux
  51. ay shucked
  52. az recipe
  53. ba rolled cookies
  54. bb requisition
  55. bc short dough
  56. bd sauce
  57. be sponge cake
  58. bf seminola
  59. bg reference
  60. bh supre'me
  61. bi spider
  62. bj sachet (sa SHAY)
  63. bk stock
  64. bl saute'ing
  65. bm radiation
  66. bn reusable
  67. bo searing
  68. bp risotto
  69. bq rub
  70. br sweating
  71. bs rondelle (rahn DEHL)
  72. bt sustainable products and practices
  73. bu roasting
  74. bv sunny-side up eggs
  75. bw shellfish
  76. bx stress
  77. by salamander
  78. bz shocking
  79. ca small dice
  80. cb Russian service
  81. cc relish
  82. cd static menu
  83. ce re'sume'