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  1. Cattle less than 3 months of age
  2. Mechanical breaks things down by physicalling pounding, grinding, etc. Chemical breaks down connective tissue.
  3. It is tissue that hold muscle together in an animal.
  4. 1-4 days.
  5. The softer the connective tissue fibers, the more tender the meat.
  6. Protein, iron, phosphorus, copper, thiamin, riboflavin and niacin.
  7. Lard
  8. Lots of marbling, cherry red in color, fat is creamy white and firm, few bones
  9. Chuck, shank, round, and chunk.
  10. The rib bone, T-bone, and wedge bone.
  11. Collagen.
  12. The four factors are marbling, maturity, texture, and appearance.
  13. Braising, cooking in liquid, and pressure cooking.
  14. Dry heat and moist heat.
  15. The flecks of fat throughout the cut.
  16. Cooking losses include fat, water, and other volatile substances that evaporate from the surface of the meat. The reduce serving sizes.
  17. 1/3 lb to 1/2 lb
  18. They usually used in manufactured meat products.
  19. Sheep over two years of age
  20. Not shrunk, juicy, easy to carve correct internal temperature.
  21. Grading is not required, and inspection is. Grading predicts taste appeal, and inspection insures that the meat was butchered or processed in sanitary conditions.
  22. Grinding, pounding, cubing or scoring.
  23. suet or tallow
  24. Round bone and blade bone.
  25. Prime
  26. The rib, short loin, and sirloin.
  27. Panbroiling, broiling, panfrying and roasting.
  28. 1/2 lb to 3/4 lb
  29. Elastin and collagen.
  30. Trim is what is left after the cuts are removed from the carcass.
  31. edible parts of an animal besides the muscles
  32. Cattle over 12 months of age
  33. choose lean cuts more often, save ones with marbling for special occasions
  34. Panbroiling and broiling.
  35. Inspection
  36. Pounding, grinding, meat tenderizers, and marinating.
  37. Iron
  38. The amount of waste, and the tenderness of the mat.
  39. Hamburger will often have added fat and other things added, and ground beef doesn't.
  40. Marinade or meat tenderizer.
  41. Swine that are 7-12 months in age
  42. 1/4 lb to 1/3 lb
  43. Sheep less than one year old
  44. Prime, choice and select.