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  1. SAgeSpices


  2. Food that can be roastedChicken and potatoes


  3. Dry goods must be stored at least______inches off the floor on stainless steel shelving6


  4. ______ is a cooking method in which food is cooked for a long time, sometimes well over 24 hours, in an airtight plastic bag placed in hot waterSous Vide


  5. To clean the inside of an_______ pan without damaging it, use a plastic mesh scrubberNonstick coating


  6. to cook cream, milk, or chocolate gently over hot water us a ?Strainer


  7. ________ is the amount of an item that is served to the guestPortion


  8. which type of pan is a shallow skillet with very short, slightly sloping sides?Crêpe pan


  9. A utility cart is an example of which type of foodservice equipmentStrainer


  10. A rotisserie is a type ofBroiler


  11. A china cap and a chinois are each type ofStrainer


  12. food that can stewedbeef and vegetables


  13. what piece of equipment removes foam from stock or soup and removes solid ingredients from liquids?Skimmer


  14. Marinating is soaking an item in a combination of wet and dry ingredients to provide flavor and moisture.Strainer


  15. Which piece of small equipment is used to purèe very soft foods and to remove solids from purèes?Tamis


  16. A bimetallic stemmed thermometer measures temperature in thick or thin foods instantly and stays in food as it cooksPortion


  17. _________happens to food after it has been removed from the oven when the pan holds a certain amount of heat that continues to cook the foodPortion


  18. At what angle should you hold a knife to sharpen itSandwiches and pancakes


  19. A ___________ is a flexible, round-tipped tool used for icing cakes, spreading fillings and glazes, leveling dry ingredients when measuring, and turning pancakes and other foodsicing spatula


  20. Which hand tool cuts a thick layer from vegetables and fruits more efficiently than a paring knife?20 degrees


  21. __________is often used to line pans to prevent food from sticking to themPortion


  22. food that can be cooked on a griddleSandwiches and pancakes


  23. OreganoSpices


  24. GingerHerbs


  25. A flat beater paddle is used toMix, Mash, and Cream soft foods


  26. food that can be blanchedpears and fish


  27. Food that can be steamedbeef and vegetables


  28. food that can be poachedTomatoes


  29. A paring knife is a curved knife used for cutting beef steaks from the loinStrainer


  30. NutmegSpices


  31. A light fine, mesh gauze for straining liquids, bundling herbs, or thickening yogurt is called20 degrees


  32. A manually operated slicer made of stainless steel with adjustable blades that slice and julienne is aMandolin