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  1. a recipe written according to an established format that helps the facility maintain consistency of product quality as well as control costs
  2. a list of food items showing the average shrinkage form AP amount to EP amount
  3. cutting a stick if fat and provide them with measuring fats
  4. the preparation and assembly of ingredients and equipment needed for a particular dish or for a service period
  5. the number being divided, which is placed inside the long division sign
  6. the number dividing the first number, which is placed outside the long division sign
  7. the number by which to multiply ingredients when converting a recipe, calculated by dividing the desired yield by the original yield
  8. the smallest number that both denominators can be divided into evenly
  9. all the sensations produced by whatever is in the mouth , but mostly the food's aroma and taste
  10. the process of accounting for the weight of the container holding the item to be weighed
  11. the part of an ingredient that is commonly eaten
  12. the upper part of a fraction
  13. the whole ingredient, as it is purchased from a purveyor
  14. the measurement of an item's resistance to gravity
  15. a written record of ingredients and preparation steps needed to make a particular dish
  16. one who has studied and continues to study the art of cooking
  17. a scale is measures resistance electronically
  18. a subtraction technique in which if a digit in one column is too large to be subtracted form the digit above it, then 10 is borrowed from the column immediately to the left
  19. determining how much of something is used in a recipe
  20. measuring method where the chef subtracts the amount of fat form one cup and then adds that amount of water to a measuring cup; scoops the fat into the measuring cup, keeping it below the water line, until the water reaches the one-cup level; pours off the water; and then removes the fat
  21. a unit of measurement based on multiples of 10
  22. when the denominators of fractions are added or subtracted are the same, they are known as...
  23. the lower part of a fraction
  24. part per 100
  25. the savory, "meaty" taste, commonly identified with tomatoes, shiitake mushrooms, and soybean products
  26. the amount of space an ingredient takes up
  27. the number of servings or amount that a recipe makes
  28. a process that removes lumps from a dry ingredient, giving it a smoother consistency
  29. an item of food needed to make a recipe
  30. pressing fat into a measuring cup to displace air bubbles and then scraping it out
  31. a scale that measures the amount of pressure put out on a spring
  32. also known as a baker's scale, the desired weight of an ingredient is placed on one end of the scale and the proper amount of the ingredient is placed on the other end
  33. the individual amount that serves a person