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  1. Usually involves live electrical equipment
  2. Used to remove obstacles from a choking person's airways
  3. Yearlong log of occupational illnesses & injuries
  4. federal agency creates and enforces safety related standards & regulations in the workplace
  5. rest injured part, apply ice or a cold compress
  6. An unplanned, undesirable event
  7. Blisters form and may ooze Intense pain & swelling
  8. Apply pressure, clean with water, apply antibiotic
  9. Flush chemicals off the skin with cool running water for 20 minutes and apply cool, wet cloth
  10. disposable protective equipment
  11. clean up spills
  12. always leave a way to escape
  13. Lift with the legs not your back
  14. Everything used to perform jobs
  15. Employees should always use this to reach racks and shelves that are higher than shoulder level
  16. Place it down on a sanitized surface and let other person pick it up
  17. always check the pressure gauge
  18. The medical treatment given to an injured person
  19. A method of establishing the facts about any accident occurring in the workplace
  20. Careful with ice crystals, don't fill more than half full, follow manufacturer's directions, stand back
  21. Describe hazards of chemicals in a restaurant
  22. Inspection to judge the level of safety in an operation
  23. Lose/baggy shirts, jewelry, scarves, neckties
  24. Methods and techniques managers use to perform their jobs
  25. Methods and techniques employees use to perform their jobs
  26. hot foods
  27. Fire-fighting device that operates even when no one is in the facility
  28. 2 employees to work together so one can hold the ladder
  29. Legal responsibility that 1 person has to another
  30. Legal term means that an ordinary person would think that an operation uses careful precautions
  31. Least serious degree of burn. Skin turns red, feels sensitive
  32. Property around the restaurant
  33. Method of protecting people in case of an emergency or disaster
  34. occur on steps, floors, and pavement
  35. the deliberate and malicious burning of property
  36. Usually involves wood,paper, cloth or cardboard
  37. Efficient path to the outside of building
  38. Remove the fire's fuel supply
  39. cleaning for hoods and ducts
  40. Used to restore breathing and heartbeat
  41. Disrupt the flame's chain reaction- use extinguisher
  42. 3 feet above the spot where the top of the ladder rests
  43. with the cutting edge angled slightly away from your body
  44. skid-resistant soles, low, sturdy heels, closed toed
  45. Cool the fire's fuel below its combustion point
  46. Most serious burn , damage to the nerve
  47. how to check the weight of a load
  48. Building (inside and out) including electricity and plumbing
  49. frayed cords, plugs with same size prongs, too many plugs in an outlet, cracked switchplates
  50. Pull the pin, Aim at the base of fire, Squeeze the trigger, Sweep from side to side
  51. Deny it oxygen
  52. Usually involves flammable liquids or grease
  53. cool the burn with running cold water for 5 minutes
  54. racks, scabbards or sheaths
  55. Fire-detection device that operates by sensing movement of flames
  56. Fire-detection device that operates by sensing the presence of smoke