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  1. Fresh meat must be delivered at a temperature of __________ or lower.41°F


  2. What is the highest quality grade of poultry?Prime.


  3. Sausages are encased inanimal intestines


  4. Which dry-heat cooking methods are best suited for chops and steaks?Combination


  5. Which category of shellfish includes those with a single internal shell and tentacles?Cephalopods


  6. The process of tying a bird's wings and legs to its body is calledDeveining


  7. Which category includes fish that are oval and flat in shape, and have both eyes on the same side of the head?Flatfish


  8. Mahi mahi and tuna are examples ofroundfish.


  9. The more time spent butchering a piece of meat, thetrim the fat


  10. In order for the muscles to relax, meat must be aged ___________ hours.48 to 72


  11. Which fabrication technique cuts a piece of meat lengthwise, nearly in half, so that it opens out and lies flat?Shellfish


  12. Thin, boneless cuts of meat that are lightly pounded are calledscallops.


  13. The connective tissue that connects the meat to the bone and will not break down during cooking is calledcollagen


  14. The first step in trimming a tenderloin is toPrime.


  15. When fish and seafood are cooked en papillote, they are cooked inparchment paper.


  16. When a fish's viscera, scales, fins, and often its head are removed, it is calledDressed


  17. Which type of sausage is pepperoniDried or hard


  18. Marinating tends to make meat moreMoist


  19. Which dry-heat cooking method is ideal for the tender cuts from a rib or tenderloin?Broiling and grilling


  20. The connective tissue that breaks down during long, slow, moist-heat cooking is calledcollagen


  21. Kielbasa and andouille are examples of which type of sausage?roundfish.


  22. When only the viscera of a fish have been removed, the fish is calledDrawn


  23. The process of removing a shrimp's digestive tract is calledDeveining


  24. Which cooking method is most suited for preparing mole poblano?Combination


  25. How many days must shellstock identification tags be kept on file from the date the last shellfish was sold or served?more expensive it will be


  26. The highest quality USDA grade of beef isPrime.


  27. Which cooking method is the best way to cook tougher cuts of meat?Combination


  28. Thin strips of meat used for sautéing are calledsilver skin.


  29. Small, round pieces of meat that are molded by wrapping them in cheesecloth are calledscallops.


  30. Which category includes shellfish that have an outer skeleton and jointed appendages?Flatfish


  31. Which category of fish includes those with an outer shell but no backbone, and that live primarily in salt water?Cephalopods


  32. Poultry should be cooked until it is well done at a temperature ofWhen poultry is done cooking, its juices should be


  33. Meat is firmest when it is cookedsilver skin.


  34. A forcemeat made of white meat is called a(n)Mousseline


  35. Which method for cooking poultry retains the most nutrients?covered with slices of fat.


  36. The tough membrane on meat is calledwell done.


  37. A quenelle is aanimal intestines


  38. When poultry is done cooking, its juices should beWhen poultry is done cooking, its juices should be


  39. Which grade of seafood is marked with a stamp?A


  40. When a cut of meat or poultry is barded, it issilver skin.