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  1. To let Stand In Room Temp Until It Dosent feel Warm
  2. To Cook In Liquid That Is Bubbling and Steaming
  3. To Brown By Direct Heat
  4. To Cut narrow Grooves Or Gashes In Food
  5. To Even Off The Measurement Of an Ingreduent With A Straight Edge
  6. To Remove The Cented seed section Of Fruit
  7. To Cook In Hot Fat
  8. To Remove excess Water By Using A Strainer
  9. To cut Into Small , Even Sided Pieces
  10. To Press Dough With Palms Of Your Hands - To Incorporate Air
  11. To Put Dry Ingredients Through A Strainer
  12. To Add Water To A Concentrated Food To Restore To Its Natural State
  13. To Cut Into Pieces
  14. To add Salt ,Pepper Or Other Ingredients To make The Food Taste Better
  15. To Place In The Refrigerator Until cold
  16. To Heat Oven to its Desired Temp Before Putting Food
  17. to Brown quickly Wityh Intense Heat
  18. To Cut Or Chop Into Very fine Pieces
  19. To Cool Food In A Basket Inside a Covered pan with a Small Amount Of Boiling Water
  20. To Cook In The Oven by Dry Heat
  21. an Ingredent That Makes A Product Rise as Yeast Or Baiking Powder
  22. To change Solid Food To Liquid By Heating
  23. To Cut Of The Outer Covering
  24. To Sprinkle Food With Flour Then Remove Excess
  25. To Flatten To Desired Thickness by Using a Rolling Pin
  26. To Heat Sugar Or Food Containg Sugar Until A Syrup Of Brown Color and Caramel Flavor Develops
  27. To Fasten Meat With Pins To hold Desired Shape While Cooking
  28. To Spoon Pan Drippings , water Or Sauce Over A Food While Roasting
  29. To Destroy Microorganism
  30. To Make A Mixture Soft and smooth
  31. To cause A Dry substance To Pass Into A Liquid
  32. To Spread The Surface Of Food With Butter, Oil , Egg,etc. Using a Pastry Brush
  33. To Separate The Food Into Tiny Pieces By Rubbing In a Grater
  34. To Allow food To Stand In sauce
  35. To Beat Vigorously
  36. To Cook In A Small amount Of Hot Fat
  37. To Cook In A Small Amount Of water In A covered Container
  38. To Mix Ingredients without Massing Or Crushing
  39. To Decorate a Food Or a Dish
  40. to coat with a utensil lightly with fat , oil or butter to prevent sticking
  41. To cut Liquid Until Partly Cooked
  42. To Cook Slowly In a Small quantity of a Liquid To a Long Time
  43. To Cooking Gently In Liquid Just Below The Boiling Point
  44. To Cut Into Very Small Cubes
  45. To mix In circular Motion, Using Spoon Or a Fork
  46. a mixture Of a flour , Liquid , And Other Ingredients Thin Enough To Drop From Spoon
  47. To combine 2 Or More Ingredients
  48. to coat Foof With Syrup or jelly and then heat or chill
  49. To Cut Into Small Pieces
  50. To Coat Food With Fine Bread Crumbs , flour Before Cooking