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  1. Tempering is when a little bit of ____ is slowly added to raise the temperature slowly to prevent them from cooking or curdling.
  2. Which thickener is most often used in basic cream soup?
  3. A flavorful liquid made by gently simmering bones and/or vegetables is a ____.
  4. Brown stock and brown roux are used to make which grand sauce?
  5. A reduced stock with a jelly-like consistency made from brown stock, chicken stock or fish stock is a ____.
  6. Which sauce is the base for bearnaise?
  7. The two main ingredients of bechamel are _______.
  8. Which grand sauce is made from veal, chicken or fish stock and white or blond roux?
  9. Which stock is usually made from mirpoix, leeks and turnips.
  10. Which kind of soup is thickened by the starch of the main ingredient such as potatoes rather than an added starch, such as roux?
  11. Which is a highly flavored type of stock made with fish bones?
  12. What is the term for the mixture of raw butter and various flavoring ingredients such as herbs, nuts, citrus zest, shallots, ginger and vegetables.
  13. Which grand sauce is made fro milk and white roux?
  14. Sachet d'epices and bouquet garni are known as___.
  15. A liquid or semisolid product that adds flavor, moisture and visual appeal to another dish is a ____
  16. The process of removing fat that has cooled and hardened from the surface of the stock is called____.
  17. Clear soups do not include _____ soups.
  18. Which is usually a main ingredient in bisque?
  19. The wringing method is used to _____ a sauce.
  20. Which liquid is most often used in making stock?
  21. Because the five grand sauces are used to make many sauces, as a group reference, they are known as the _____.
  22. A french word that refers to the mixture of coarsely chopped onions, carrots and celery that provides a flavor base for stock is _____.
  23. A mixture of egg yolks and heavy cream often used to finish some sauces is called ___.
  24. A hearty thick soup made in much the same way as a cream soup is a _____.
  25. The correct mixture of mirepoix is:
  26. A cold mixture of fresh herbs, spices, fruits and/or vegetables is called_____.
  27. One way to cool an item is place it in a _____ and stir it often.
  28. A pierced-metal, coned shaped strainer used to strain soups, stocks and other liquids to remove all solid ingredients is a
  29. A sauce made from the juices of cooked meat and brown stock is called____.
  30. A rich brown sauce that is traditionally made of combining equal parts of espagnole and veal stock is called____.
  31. Frozen stock can be held for ___ months?
  32. Bechamel sauce is a _____ sauce.
  33. What thickener is made of equal parts cooked flour and fat?
  34. Which is an example of a clear soup?
  35. Which stock is made by simmering poultry, beef, veal or game bones that have been browned first?
  36. A rich flavorful broth or stock that has been clarified is ____.
  37. A liaison is a thickener made from a mixture of ____.
  38. Which process is used to remove fat content from a cooked item. It makes the food healthier
  39. What causes bone and mirepoix to release flavor more quickly when liquid is added?
  40. Cream soups should never be _____.
  41. Creole is a derivative sauce of _____.
  42. A thickener made of equal parts flour and soft, whole butter is called:
  43. A rich lightly reduced stock used as a sauce for roasted meats is called ___.
  44. A bundle of fresh herbs such as thyme, parsely stems and bay leaf tied together is an example of ____.