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  1. Which part of the salad enhances its appearance while also complementing the overall taste?
  2. If chicken is served Florentine, it is served with _____________.
  3. Which type of lettuce is the essential ingredient in Caesar salad?
  4. Which salad type stimulates the appetite and is light enough for the frist course?
  5. A chef's salad is an example of what type of salad?
  6. Raw ___________ and papaya should never be added to gelatin salad.
  7. Which type of oil has a good omega-3 fatty acid profile?
  8. A small portion of potato salad is a type of ___________ salad.
  9. Which type of oil must be disclosed on the menu because of allergies?
  10. An ingredient that can permanently bind unlike ingredients is called a __________________.
  11. Which special wine vinegar is aged in wooden barrels?
  12. Which salad vegetable has a long stalk, mild flavor, and crisp texture?
  13. Which salad green, also known as frisee, has a slightly bitter flavor?
  14. The main ingredient in hummus is _________________.
  15. Loose salad greens should be stored at a temperature range between ____________________.
  16. Pasta salad is an example of which type of salad?
  17. What is the main ingredient in guacamole?
  18. What is the most popular American lettuce?
  19. Which vinegar is made from apples?
  20. Unopened produce can be stored for ___________ days.
  21. Which type of dressing are Russian and Thousand Island?
  22. What ingredient holds a bound salad together?
  23. A bouquet of vegetables used as a garnish is called a _____________________.
  24. Which potato dish is baked with cream, garlic, and cheese?
  25. A garnish of cauliflower is called ______________________.
  26. Which type of salad is a Waldorf salad?
  27. What two ingredients do you need to make frosted grapes?
  28. Which type of salad is small and served along with the main meal?
  29. Which part of the salad is made up of a layer of greens that line the plate or bowl in which the salad is served?
  30. For cucumber fans, use a _______________ knife to score the cucumber vertically from end to end.
  31. Which type of salad is grilled chicken Caesar salad?
  32. Which salad is intended to be a palate cleanser after a rich dinner and before dessert?
  33. Which condiment is a common addition to mayonnaise dressings?
  34. Coleslaw is an example of a __________________ salad.
  35. What is the standard recipe for a basic vinaigrette?
  36. Chicken and potato salads are examples of a ________________ salad.
  37. The best way to clean salad greens is to ____________________.
  38. A garnish of onions is called ___________________.
  39. To prevent fruit cut for a salad from discoloring, coat or sprinkle the fruit with ______________________.
  40. a garnish of carrots, turnips, onions, and celery cut into unifor slices is called ____________________.