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  1. Two
  2. A minimum of three months, and shall not be allowed to return to work until after three consecutive stool cultures test negative for S Typhi
  3. Staphylococcus aureus
  4. Resist penetration by vermin
  5. Anisakis simplex
  6. Hepatitis A
  7. When the gloves they're wearing become soiled or torn, at least every four hours if performing the same continuous task, after handling and raw meat.
  8. .85;4.6
  9. A potable water supply line and a non potable water source are directly connected.
  10. Microorganisms
  11. Ensuring compliance with the fad model food code, being a certified food protection manager or demonstrating a working knowledge of food service sanitation concepts and ensuring food safety
  12. Before and after handling raw foods. After cleaning tables or handling soiled dishes. After taking the garbage out.
  13. Pre planned actions
  14. Cooking hamburger patties
  15. Keeping pesticides stored on-site in the chemical storage area with the cleaners and stabilizers when your not using them
  16. Staph
  17. An air gap
  18. Properly wash his hand
  19. Reducing risks by hazards and identifying ways to control those hazards in an ongoing food safety program
  20. 5,000
  21. There immune system s are less developed than that of an adult
  22. Establish supplier specifications
  23. At 180 degrees
  24. 155 degrees for 15 seconds
  25. Tuna
  26. A block grease trap will cause wastewater to back up and over flow
  27. As often as necessary to prevent the accumulation of soil such as dust, dirt, cob- webs ,grease, and food debris.
  28. Food held at the incorrect temperature, food not cooked to the proper temperature, cross contamination, food purchased from an unapproved source, poor personal hygiene practice
  29. Rotate stock so that the oldest product is used before the newer product
  30. The food was unsafe, the food caused harm, and the warranty of sale was violated
  31. Intoxication
  32. Yes if the worker keeps the sore properly bandaged and wears a glove to protect the bandage.
  33. Chemical hazard
  34. Hot and cold running water, soap,an acceptable method for drying hands, and a waste receptacle if paper towels are used
  35. It isn't as effective at a pHone below 6.0 or above 7.5.
  36. Rapidly reheat the soup until it reaches a minimum internal temperature of at least 165 degrees for 15 seconds.
  37. 135 degrees
  38. Any raw chicken beef or pork
  39. It works in most temperatures and oH ranges
  40. 171 degrees for 30 seconds
  41. Wash rinse sanitize and air dry
  42. Two hours
  43. In a clean,dry location with the bottoms up so the inside of the glass does not become contaminated
  44. Immediately exclude the employee from the facility and contact the local regulatory agency
  45. Staphylococcus aureus, clostridium botulinum, bacillus cereus
  46. They receive no further washing or cooking prior to being eaten
  47. At least two times the diameter of the supply line,but never less than 1 inch
  48. Cooked rice
  49. Dry
  50. Use in an air conditioner to cool air
  51. An individual's general state of health, his hygiene practices and habits, and the cleanliness of his person and clothing.
  52. Be calibrated and accurate within 2 degrees
  53. Critical control point
  54. Instructions for disposal of the material
  55. Tomatoes cooked in a copper pot. Copper water lines connected to a carbonated beverage dispenser without a proper backflow prevention device., insecticide applied to cove bases and around exterior door moldings by the manager of the establishment.
  56. Maintain the facility and practice good sanitation so that food and water sources and harborage areas for pests are minimized or eliminated
  57. Salmonella, Listeria monocytogenes, campylobacter jejuni
  58. Insects and rodents can carry pathogenic microorganisms, contaminate food, and make people ill
  59. Documents that your plan will control hazards
  60. Dry your hands on a disposable paper towel or under a hot air dryer.
  61. Effectively washing hands
  62. A critical limit established
  63. 41 degrees F (5C) or below
  64. Bacteria may have been allowed to grow during the thawing
  65. Wetting hands with hot running water, applying soap,rubbing hands together vigorously for at least 20 seconds, scrubbing under fingernails, rinsing hands under running water, drying hands on a paper towel or with a hot air dryer.
  66. 110 degrees unless a different temperature is recommended by the detergent manufacturer
  67. Run under cool water,use a microwave, or use a refrigerator
  68. The six factors effecting bacterial growth, Food,Acidity, Time, Temperature, Oxygen, and Moisture
  69. Banna
  1. a How many individual cases of a foodborne illness are required for it to be classified as a foodborne disease outbreak?
  2. b Garbage containers must be water proof, easily relatable, durable, and
  3. c A hazard analysis critical point (HACCP) system focuses on:
  4. d What food would be considered a potentially hazardous food?
  5. e Food employees must wash their hands?
  6. f The temperature of foods held in a walk in refrigerator should be maintained at?
  7. g Foods that have been improperly thawed can be hazardous because?
  8. h Which of the following is considered a type of hazard when conducting a hazard analysis
  9. i What is the single greatest threat to food safety?
  10. j What three things must a person prove when using a food establishment for causing a foodborne illnesses?
  11. k An employee is operating an automatic conveyor type warewashing machine alone. The employee loads racks of dishes, pre-rinses the dishes, and slides the racks up to an opening where a conveyor pulls the racks into the machine. Before putting the clean away the employee must
  12. l The steps for effective hand washing are:
  13. m Corrective actions must be
  14. n A cross connection occurs when
  15. o First in first out (FIFO) is meant to remind food service workers to?
  16. p Manual hot water sanitizing of dishes requires that the dishes be completely immersed in water that is at least
  17. q A food employee in a hospital kitchen who is diagnosed with an illness from salmonella typhi shall be excluded from working there for ?
  18. r At a minimum, the temperature of cold foods on a salad bar should be checked every ?
  19. s A disadvantage of using a chlorine compound as a sanitizer is that
  20. t If a food employee has an open sore on his hand, should he be allowed to perform his usual job functions (which include the handling of raw and uncooked foods)?
  21. u Non potentially hazardous foods are frequently?
  22. v Which of the following is the responsibility of the person in charge?
  23. w Vermin infestation must be prevented because
  24. x Which of these diseases may be transferred from person to person through food?
  25. y Which of the following is usually associated with scombroid poisoning?
  26. z The acronym FAT TOM refers to?
  27. aa A thermometer used to check food temperature should?
  28. ab Fried chicken being held under a heat lamp on a buffet line should have a minimum internal temperature of
  29. ac Commonly found living in, and on, up to 50% of all people
  30. ad What are the risk factors that are frequently contributed to a foodborne illnesses?
  31. ae Hamburger patties must be Cooked to an internal temperature of ____ for at least ____ seconds.
  32. af Which of the following is not included on a material safety data sheet ( MSDS) ?
  33. ag Which of the following is an approved use of non potable water?
  34. ah When thawing a frozen ham, a worker may?
  35. ai The most effective way to control pests is to
  36. aj Food employees using gloves must remove their gloves, wash their hands, and put on a new pair?
  37. ak Every CCP must have
  38. al After they have been properly cleaned and sanitized, glasses should be stored?
  39. am Which of the following bacteria are associated with foodborne illnesses?
  40. an Biological agents can cause illness through infection or
  41. ao The temperature of the wash water in the first compartment of a three compartment sink should be at least
  42. ap Ready to eat food can be considered potentially hazardous because
  43. aq The correct manual warewashing procedure in a three compartment sink is to
  44. ar Which of the following bacteria are associated with foodborne infections?
  45. as Which of the following would be a critical control point for a food establishment serving hamburgers?
  46. at The most effective way to prevent backflow is with
  47. au Why do young children have a higher risk of contracting a foodborne illness?
  48. av The distance after an air gap between the supply pipe and the flood rim must be
  49. aw A parasite associated with raw or undercooked seafood
  50. ax HACCP plan validation
  51. ay Which of the following is NOT one of the seven principals of HACCP?
  52. az Which of the following represent a potential chemical hazard?
  53. ba An advantage of using a quaternary ammonium compound as a sanitizer is that?
  54. bb Hand washing sinks must include
  55. bc After washing your hands you should:
  56. bd What food should be stored on a bottom shelf of a refrigerator
  57. be Floors, walls, and ceilings should be cleaned?
  58. bf Pathogenic bacteria associated with foodborne illness will only grow on foods with a water activity (Aw) of at least____and a pHone greater than____
  59. bg Which of the following is not a part of an integrated pest management system
  60. bh The final sanitizing rinse in a high-temperature warewashing machine should be
  61. bi A chef takes leftover beef tips out of walk in cooler and cuts them into smaller pieces to use in a soup. After adding the beef to the soup stock, the chef should?
  62. bj The term "personal hygiene" refer to?
  63. bk Which of the following is the most important in preventing the spread of microorganisms in a food establishment?
  64. bl Grease traps must be cleaned on a regular schedule because
  65. bm Approximately how many deaths are attributed to a foodborne illness each year?
  66. bn A customer consumed potato salad prepared at a local deli, the customer began to experience nausea and vomiting and recovered within two day. The likely culprit of this foodborne illness was
  67. bo A food employee arrives at work and informs the manager he has been diagnosed with shigellosis. The manager must_____?
  68. bp A step in the process where control must be applied in order to prevent or eliminate a hazard, or reduce it to an acceptable level is called a
  69. bq What food would be considered a non-potentially hazardous food?