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  1. 1950s
  2. They are conveniently located and offer good price and value
  3. Wolfgang Puck and Barara Lazaroff
  4. $60+
  5. Everything that affects how the patron views the restaurant: public relations, advertising, promotion, and operation itself.
  6. $580 billion in sales
  7. Chipotle, Chevy's, Panera, etc.
  8. Having an experienced, highly motivated person in charge, often helped by a spouse or partner equally interested in the restaurant's success.
  9. High
  10. 12.5 million
  11. To have a staff and product ready to service the maximum number of customers in the least amount of time
  12. Different and better.
  13. Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, and Thai
  14. Reduces the costs of order taking, food preparation, and accounting. (Marketing costs may not decrease)
  15. In luxury hotels, such as Four Seasons and the Ritz-Carlton
  16. 64
  17. Higher
  18. Help with site selection and a review of any proposed sites, assistance with the design and building preparation, help with preparation for opening, training of managers and staff, planning and implantation of pre opening marketing strategies, and unit visits and ongoing operating advice
  19. Mcdonalds, Taco Bell, KFC
  20. Quality of product, mastery of flavor/cooking, "personality" of the cuisine, value for the money, and consistency between visits
  21. Danny Meyer
  22. 40%
  23. The use of high-quality ingredients, fresh made-to-order menu items, healthful options, limited or self-serving formats, upscale decor, and carry-out meals
  24. 1782
  25. High-tech, casual contemporary, ethnic, designer, and celebrity restaurants.
  26. 1870's
  27. 18-20
  28. Outback, Chili's, Hard Rock, etc.
  29. Recognition in the marketplace, greater advertising clout, sophisticated systems development, and discounted purchasing.
  30. The cuisine and service provided in restaurants where food, drink, and service are expensive and usually leisurely.
  31. Are built around an idea, usually emphasizing fun and fantasy, glamorizing or romanticizing and activity such as sports, travel, an era in time, the Hollywood of yesterday, etc.
  32. Bob Evans, Cracker Barrel, Friendly's, etc.
  33. Be a copycat
  34. Higher end- Red Lobster; Lower end- Captain D's
  35. 26% in their first year, 59% in 3 years
  36. Category of restaurants is appealing to people who wish to be part of a business that is simplified by a limited menu and that caters to well-identifed market: steak eaters.
  37. Could be the changing demographic of the area in which it is located.
  38. Quick Service Restaurants
  39. 50%
  40. Ray Kroc
  41. A concept and projects a total impression or image, which appeals to a certain market.
  42. Native to Naples, Italy
  43. Franchising fee, royalty fee, advertising royalty, and requirements of substantial personal net worth.
  44. Franchising
  45. $337.7 billion
  46. 1.8 million by 2019
  47. The authorization give by one company to another to sell its unique products and services; the name of the business format or product being franchised.
  48. 1550
  49. The logo, the line drawings, even the linen napkins and the service uniforms
  50. Single-concept chains like McDonald's and KFC
  51. Rise
  52. Quality, menu, price, atmosphere, management, location, food, and service
  53. True
  54. Signature food items, creative bar menus or enhanced wine service, and comfortable, homey decor.
  55. Czechuan, Hunan, and Cantonese
  56. Various styles and themes of restaurants
  57. Olive Garden
  58. It fits the societal trend of more relaxed lifestyle
  59. Expensive, imported items like foie gras, caviar, and truffles
  60. Italy
  61. To create a concept that fits a definitie target market, a concept better suited to its market than that presented by competing restaurants, and to bring into being.
  1. a What is the average check at fine dining?
  2. b Are food costs very higher or very lower in steakhouses?
  3. c What are theme restaurants?
  4. d What is restaurant symbology?
  5. e Where can fine dining restaurants be located?
  6. f What is a franchise?
  7. g What are current popular restaurant concepts?
  8. h What does fine dining refer to?
  9. i What is an example of seafood restaurants?
  10. j What is D&B?
  11. k China is divided into what 3 culinary districts?
  12. l What are advantages of chef-owned restaurants?
  13. m When was fast food introduced?
  14. n How much has American consumers racked up in charges for retail and restaurant services?
  15. o What are examples of casual restaurants?
  16. p What are examples of quick-service restaurants?
  17. q What is the challenge for the quick-service operator?
  18. r Are independent restaurants relatively easy to open?
  19. s What are the defining traits of casual restaurants?
  20. t What are the defining traits of QSR's?
  21. u What fees are involved with franchising?
  22. v Do seafood prices continue to rise or lower?
  23. w What does centralization do?
  24. x What are some advantages of a chain restaurant?
  25. y What's a good idea for coming up with a concept for a new restaurant?
  26. z Weekends account for what percentage of sales?
  27. aa What does fine dining menus consist of?
  28. ab What page are the 10 concepts on?
  29. ac What are examples of family restaurants?
  30. ad When was the first restaurant founded?
  31. ae Is the cost of theme restaurants high or low?
  32. af What is the challenge of restaurant concepts?
  33. ag What restaurant drives the industry?
  34. ah What percentage of restaurants fail?
  35. ai Why are QSR's popular?
  36. aj When does the first quick service restaurant (QSR) date back to?
  37. ak What is a major reason for a decline in restaurants?
  38. al Restaurant industry totals what?
  39. am When was the first cafe founded?
  40. an What type of ethnic restaurants have become popular?
  41. ao What is the largest of the italian restaurant chains?
  42. ap Concept comprises of what?
  43. aq What do franchisors provide?
  44. ar Who founded McDonalds?
  45. as What are steakhouses?
  46. at How many people does the restaurant industry employ?
  47. au What are the qualifications for Michelin stars?
  48. av What are examples of quick casual restaurants?
  49. aw How many restaurants in France got 3 stars?
  50. ax Why is casual dining popular?
  51. ay Who is the Union Square Hospitality Group president?
  52. az What restaurant method involves the least amount of risk?
  53. ba What is the best known husband-and-wife culinary team?
  54. bb What are the aspects of concept and market?
  55. bc What are the greatest success of any restaurants?
  56. bd Where are coffeehouses originated from?
  57. be What is a restaurant concept?
  58. bf What percent of food dollar is spent away from home?
  59. bg How many jobs will be added to the industry?
  60. bh Every restaurant represents what?
  61. bi Where did pizza come from?