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  1. The cost of ingredients must equal the __________.
  2. Because some restaurants go out of business, used equipment is __________ available from restaurant dealers.
  3. Which method of training does T.G.I. FridayÕs use?
  4. Goals are set for each __________. For example, sales goals include the number of guests per meal
    every day and the average check.
  5. A sandwich shop can usually be opened for less than __________.
  6. Tipping in New York City is probably higher than in most American cities, close to __________.
  7. Which is the most widely used advertising medium in North America?
  8. According to Energy Star, a branch of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, as much as __________ of the $10 billion annual energy bill for the commercial foodservice industry does no useful work.
  9. Real estate commissions are ordinarily _______ of the building selling price and _______ of the selling price of raw land.
  10. People do not purchase features, they purchase __________.
  11. The first step in establishing a foundation for leadership development is to:
  12. In order to stop employees from coming in early and taking a socialization break some restaurants have __________.
  13. Which is the difference between the sales price and the cost of the item?
  14. The most profitable restaurants are in which category?
  15. Which training method allows the learning to be absorbed and avoids fatigue?
  16. __________ is like a Òmini blogÓÑitÕs a series of posts limited to only 140 charactersÑperfect for any busy restaurateur, bar manager, or chef.
  17. Which type of restaurant is built around an idea, usually emphasizing fun and fantasy, glamorizing or romanticizing an activity?
  18. Which established a broad range of standards with respect to vesting, funding, and planned participation in pension plans?
  19. If your restaurant operates with a profit margin of around 5 percent, you'll need about __________ worth of sales to earn $450.
  20. Which are types of demographics?
  21. MICROS __________ allows operations to manage by exception by monitors conditions and comparing them to established standards.
  22. The complex, expensive cookery concerned with Ôworking overÕ foods, long cooking times, the making
    of forcemeats, shaping and turning vegetables and combining foods in familiar ways is called
    __________ cuisine.
  23. Two of the main menu pricing strategies include
  24. McDonald's is an example of a(n) __________ restaurant.
  25. The temperature danger zone-between __________, is the range in which bacteria can thrive and
    multiply most rapidly.
  26. Fortified wines __________.
  27. Using a town/city map to plot the location of existing restaurants on the map is an example of a __________.
  28. The ÒWÓ in SWOT assessment stands for __________.
  29. A can-cutting test should determine the ________.
  30. human or animal intestinal
    tracts, where they produce toxins?
  31. According to the text, the word manage implies __________.
  32. The money taken in before considering the depreciation allowance is called __________.
  33. Proper hand washing includes using water as hot as the hands can comfortably stand, using a brush
    for the fingernails, and rubbing the hands together using friction for __________.
  34. Which type of wine is best served with white meatÑpork, turkey, chicken, veal, fish, and shellfish?
  35. Which term is used to describe expenses that can be changed in the short term?
  36. The O in SWOT analysis stands for __________.
  37. In full-service restaurants, the largest variable is __________ costs.
  38. Costs that change proportionately according to sales are called __________.
  39. According to the product levels described in the text, the __________ product is the function part of the product for the customer.
  40. Prime locations vs. ordinary locations usually cost __________.
  41. Over the years, experience has shown that ___________.
  42. Full-service restaurants normally allow about __________ for a deuce.
  43. If corporation owners do not want to accumulate after-tax income in the corporation or if its shareholders are in low tax brackets or have personal tax loses a(n) __________ corporation is ideal.
  44. According to the text, the total of all actual and potential guests is called the __________.
  45. After maturing, the wine is filtered to help stabilize it and remove any solid particles still in the wine.
    This process is called __________.
  46. MenuLink has developed a new feature that provides a method in which the receiving store can process material transfers in the same general way as if the materials were purchased from a food vendor who is enabled for electronic ordering and invoicing. This is called a(n) __________.
  47. The __________ is used to determine a sole proprietor's or company's worth by listing all the assets and liabilities.
  48. The matrix of ideas that constitutes what will be perceived as the restaurant's image is the __________.
  49. Which finds out what guests want and providing it at a fair price that leaves a reasonable profit?
  50. Generally, in a table-service restaurant, there should be at least __________ entrées.
  51. The cost of food sold divided by food revenue equals the __________.
  52. What should the operator do to ensure that the tax authorities view independent contractors as indeed independent, and not employees?
  53. Most ÔprepÕ (preparation) is done __________.
  54. China is divided into which culinary districts?
  55. According to the National Restaurant Association's "What's Hot" survey, the number-one trend among chefs was buying __________.
  56. Which concentrates on restaurant performance improvements allowing the restaurant operator to identify areas in which to increase revenues, improve operational efficiency, and improve guest service?
  57. According to the product levels described in the text, the __________ product is the tangible part of the product and it includes the physical aspects of the restaurant and its dŽcor.
  58. Which statement about single use loans is correct?
  59. A daily flash report shows __________.
  60. Which chef owns the restaurant No. 9 Park, in Boston's Beacon Hill neighborhood?
  61. Most restaurants use the back bar to add atmosphere by displaying the __________.
  62. The conventional-wisdom method of pricing, which calculates the cost of the ingredients and multiplies it by a factor of three, to obtain a food cost percentage of 33, is called __________ pricing.
  63. Accelerated depreciation results in __________ taxes during the early years of the restaurant.
  64. Electronic cash registers (ECRs) __________.
  65. McDonald's requires $300,000 in cash or liquid assets, a __________ initial fee, plus a monthly service fee based on the restaurant's sales performance and rent.
  66. In a partnership, who is responsible if things go wrong?
  67. A __________ is a nonprofit institution that is able to provide restaurant food and supplies at lower cost than the profit-oriented purveyors.
  68. Individual restaurant operators have an advantage over chain operators because
  69. Closely related to role playing, which has been around a long time, which is a technique that depicts the right way to handle personnel problems, shows how to interview and evaluate applicants, and demonstrates decision making?
  70. __________ is defined as a Òdifference, variety, or unlikeness.Ó
  71. Which best describes learner-controlled instruction (LCI)?
  72. Which is least related to restaurant sales?
  73. Using the straight-line depreciation method, if an oven cost $2,100 and is expected to last seven years __________ depreciation can be deducted each year for seven years.
  74. A restaurantÕs profit is typically only __________ of total revenue.
  75. A(n) __________ menu offers a complete meal including soup or appetizer, salad and vegetable for a fixed price.
  76. A person can be thought of as a clean-up person, but a better description would be Òa person who expedites seat turnover.Ó This is an example of emphasizing the __________.
  77. When developing a wine list, the selected varietals of white wine could include all but which of the
  78. Which best describes "Oscar of the Waldorf"?
  79. Meat buyers should use the __________ numbering system for meat items.
  80. The first restaurant ever was called a __________.
  81. Outbreaks of food-borne or water-borne diseases are usually caused by all but which of the
  82. The balance sheet is an important document that __________.
  83. The director at the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control is appointed by the __________.
  84. How long will restaurant patrons travel to reach a hotel, steak, full-menu, or fish restaurant?
  85. Which team provides the quantitative data for evaluating current store performance levels and user interface designs?
  86. A test is said to be __________ if essentially the same results are seen on repeated testing.
  87. The area set aside for open kitchens costs about __________ more than in a standard kitchen.
  88. Restaurant chains with preplanned restaurant concepts generally reduce the opening timeline by __________ months.
  89. The SBA was established for the purpose of __________.
  90. A term loan is repaid in __________.
  91. Seat turnover is also highly correlated with __________.
  92. __________ is the result of low concern for your own interests or the interest of your group, which produces a lose/win outcome. The opposing party is allowed to satisfy their interest, while oneÕs own interests are neglected.
  93. The handheld device used to enter inventory amounts into the system is called a __________.
  94. Fixed costs include all except __________.
  95. Notices stating that a license has been applied for must be placed in the newspaper and posted in the
    window of the restaurant. This notice must be posted for a minimum of __________.
  96. The concept is devised to interest a certain group of people, called a(n) __________.
  97. Who is known as the as the creator of eggs Benedict, veal Oscar, and for aiding in the popularization of Thousand Island dressing?
  98. Psychologists tell us that inserting constructive criticism between two __________ softens the criticism while at the same time working the criticism.
  99. Union Square Cafe was created in 1985 with __________.
  100. According to experts, an employer who is irritated and unhappy with an employeeÕs behavior should __________.
  101. The __________ grade applies to highly specialized produce, a very small percentage of the total crop. This grade is rarely used on most commodities because it is too costly to pack.
  102. __________ is made with butter and egg yolks.
  103. Which has the Eclipse PC Workstation which combines a small footprint and seams designed to channel liquids off the unit?
  104. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FSLA) covers employees of a restaurant having an annual dollar volume of sales of at least __________ (exclusive of excise taxes at the retail level that are separately stated).
  105. Which best describes due diligence?
  106. Marketing focuses on the needs of the __________.
  107. High-protein foods are __________.
  108. Which best describes the hands-in-pocket policy?
  109. Analyzing the competition's prices to determine the selection of appetizers, entrées, and desserts is known as the __________ approach to menu pricing.
  110. If the opening food costs are $66,666 and total sales are $200,000 the food cost percentage is __________.
  111. The seven commandments of customer service include all except __________.
  112. Appetizers should be brought to the table within __________ minutes.
  113. Restaurants can use programs like Chef Tec, which shows the actual food cost compared with the
    ideal food cost. This is known as:
  114. Costs that are normally unaffected by changes in sales volume are called __________.
  115. Which involves the least financial risk, yet the psychological risk may be high?
  116. Which person said, "The benefits of having an open kitchen are that it brings energy to the dining room, creates a show for the guest-like watching a performance, and it gives the customer a sense of being on the 'inside' - similar to a reality TV show"?
  117. Which is the prime source of information for restaurant location decisions?
  118. Which concepts has the most sales of all the segment ratings in the United States?
  119. First coffee cafe was establshed
  120. According to the text, food-cost percentage should be calculated at least __________.
  121. __________ is the application of strategies to settle opposing ideas, goals, and/or objectives in a positive manner.
  122. According to the Job Function Sheet in the text, which person is responsible for all food preparation and supervision of kitchen staff? (In addition, they must have thorough knowledge of food preparation and good food standards and should know how to work with and supervise people.)
  123. The magazine Restaurant Business publishes an annual Restaurant Growth Index, the purpose of which is to list:
  124. When asked by the author and others what helped most in getting where you are today, which of the following was the number one factor?
  125. The ÒSÓ in the acronym GUEST stands for:
  126. Prime costs should be close to __________ of sales.
  127. Low temperature ovens permit low temperature roasting and baking are widely used in restaurants because they
  128. Which conveys to the customer the best face or image of the restaurant, what people like most about it, or how it stands out from the competition?
  129. Easy access to restaurant Web sites is important. It is also helpful to include:
  130. Sales minus __________ equals gross profit is a standard accounting entry.
  131. Which is not a source of collateral for a bank mentioned in the text?
  132. The banker requires a certain amount to remain in the bank at all times. This is called having a(n) __________.
  133. Which pieces of kitchen equipment permits low-temperature roasting and baking?
  134. Notices stating that a license has been applied for must be placed in the newspaper and posted in the
    window of the restaurant. This notice must be posted for a minimum of
  135. The main disadvantage of corporate ownership of a restaurant is that it opens way for __________.
  136. Combined, the beverage pouring cost should be __________ of beverage sales.
  137. __________ refers to what makes people tick: the needs and desires and fears and aspirations within people that make them behave as they do.
  138. __________ is a term for problem-solving and grievance resolution approaches to address employee relations and disputes outside the courtroom.
  139. To avoid liquor control problems institute an audit _________.
  140. Variable cost items include those mandated by law, such as:
  141. The first step in the planning process is __________.
  142. When combined, prime costs should not go above __________ of sales.
  143. The extent to which the restaurant can be seen for a reasonable amount of time and whether the potential guest is walking or driving is the concept of __________.
  144. Most customer complaints are __________.
  145. In the sale of a business, a __________ preserves continuity of ownership in the business and insures that the buyer as well as the seller is treated fairly.
  146. Which is true?
  147. Who is thought to be the first restaurant proprietor?
  148. Theme restaurants, such as Hard Rock Cafe and Planet Hollywood should be located near __________.
  149. The overall objective of restaurant layout planning is to
  150. __________ assumes that customers change and that they want new menu items, new atmosphere, and sometimes new service.
  151. What does a production sheet list?
  152. Suppose you invest $10,000 in a deferred annuity and receive 11% interest on it. In how many years will you have $20,000?
  153. Experience has shown that the most practical and immediately beneficial way of training restaurant employees is the __________ method.
  154. According to the product levels described in the text, the __________ product includes services, such as automatic acceptance of certain credit cards, valet parking, and table reservation service.
  155. The lowest grade of produce quality practical to ship is __________.
  156. The _______________is simply a tank holding heated water in which hot foods in pots or crocks are placed to keep food warm (above 140°F and to avoid further cooking).
  157. Which best describes Clostridium perfringens?
  158. What is the first goal for an orientation program?
  159. The second step in the HACCP system is to __________.
  160. According to the text, what should be front and center in the restaurant business?
  161. __________ departs from the often dimly lit restaurant operated by a Chinese family and offers, instead, an exhibition kitchen.
  162. Which grade is used for the best meat product available?
  163. The __________ ethnic restaurant category represents the largest in number of concepts.
  164. In drawing up a restaurant mission statement, the following features should be explicit:
  165. The first known quick-service restaurant dates back to the 1870s, when a New York City foodservice establishment called the __________.
  166. Vegan restaurants
  167. The most useful source for finding employees is __________.
  168. The most effective way to check an employeeÕs references is to follow-up by __________.
  169. __________, president of Union Square Hospitality Group, describes his restaurants as machines.
  170. Economies of scale can __________.
  171. The average check for fine dining runs __________ or more.
  172. The points that indicate more food should be ordered are called __________.
  173. Desserts should be brought to the table within __________ minutes.
  174. Which is not tax deductible?
  175. For a 30 percent cost, if a bottle of wine cost $10.00, the selling price is __________.
  176. Restaurant design has two main design areas: __________ and __________.
  177. The initial fee to open a Subway for first-time franchise buyers is __________.
  178. According to the text, a restaurant has two potential values, its:
  179. The location of the restaurant is generally to be of _________ importance.
  180. Employee __________ programs deal with perspectives, attitudes and feelings about the restaurant, the job, the customers and the boss.
  181. In many restaurants, servers are selected in a large part on the basis of __________.
  182. __________ power is derived from an individualÕs personal charisma and the respect and/or admiration the individual inspires.
  183. The cost of leasing a building is usually in __________.
  184. The managerÕs resources manual, assembled by C&C Services sets up performance criteria for management trainees that lead them through nine modules of learning. Each learning module is completed when the trainee passes a module test at a(n) __________ score.
  185. Kitchen floors are usually covered with which of the following?
  186. In __________ sexual harassment, comments or innuendos of a sexual nature or physical contact are considered a violation when they interfere with an employeeÕs work performance or create an Òintimidating, hostile, or offensive working environment.Ó
  187. Outback Steakhouse has five principles for success, they are:
  188. Franchising a restaurant involves
  189. Which is not required by the Small Business Administration for a restaurant loan?
  190. When a restaurantÕs employees are not productive and customer-service levels are not up to snuff, such problems can often be traced to the design of the __________ interface, ranging from complicated screen layouts to inappropriately sized buttons and the poor use of colors for different menu items.
  191. A(n)__________ menu lists the food items served only on a particular day.
  192. __________ is credited with being the first restaurant to franchise.
  193. Taking the same day last year and factoring in things like todayÕs weather, day of the week and so on,
    are all parts of arriving at a(n) __________.
  194. Low-temperature dishwashing machines operate with water temperatures as low as __________. Germicidal chemicals, rather than heat, are used to kill the germs.
  195. The cost of a POS system with two or three stations in the dining area, one in the bar, one in the managerÕs office, plus printers in the kitchen is about __________.
  196. The __________ grade of meat is similar to select, but is less juicy and tender.
  197. Which is false?
  198. The concept of "D and B" stands for __________.
  199. Which are the three typical market segmentations?
  200. As sole proprietor, the restaurant operator __________.
  201. Which is the most important part of the kitchen layout?
  202. Liquor pouring costs should be __________ of sales.
  203. The assembly of ingredients and equipment for the recipe is called __________.
  204. Sales focuses on the needs of the __________.
  205. How do back-office systems aid inventory control?How do back-office systems aid inventory control?
  206. When analyzing the competition it makes sense to do a __________, which shows how your restaurant compares to the competition.
  207. Grapes for making wine are harvested in the __________, after they have been tested for maturity,
    acidity, and sugar content.
  208. According to the text, restaurant sales generally reach their maximum during __________.
  209. For the past few years, the SBA loan interest rate has hovered around _________, depending on the amount being borrowed and the collateral pledged.
  210. Many licensed casual and upscale restaurants have beverage sales of __________ of total sales.
  211. Which restaurant opportunity has the highest original investment needed, highest psychological cost of failure, highest financial risk as well as provides a high potential for reward?
  212. The product mix is a list of what was sold __________.
  213. How formal should the relations between host and guest be?
  214. According to the text the best restaurant tables are:
  215. ________ are the most expensive item served in most restaurants.
  216. A concept is strengthened if it immediately establishes a(n) __________, one that is vivid and easily remembered.
  217. Which is the only revenue generating variable in the marketing mix?
  218. Where is pizza native to?
  219. If you were to ask any hospitality leader what his or her greatest challenge is, the likely answer would be __________.
  220. Soul food is a term used for an ethnic cuisine, food traditionally prepared and eaten by the
    __________, residing in the Southern United States.
  221. Wine should have a pouring cost of __________.
  222. Servers can expect more problems from people who __________.
  223. Which approach to task and job analysis must be used in new restaurants because there are no existing employees to analyze?
  224. Which gives the quantity of each menu item to be prepared and increases the efficiency and
    productivity by eliminating guesswork?
  225. The workhorse of the kitchen equipment is the __________.
  226. Which is a compact, dense, boneless cut of meat?
  227. Charlie Trotter's in Chicago has established itself as one of the finest restaurants. Chef Trotter stresses the use of pristine __________.
  228. Factors that go into building perceived price-value include
  229. Wine is __________ by adding either egg white or bentonite, which removes impurities as it sinks to
    the bottom of the vat.
  230. To protect themselves, restaurant owners should make their lease contingent on obtaining the necessary __________.
  231. By definition, an off-sale general retail license authorizes the sale of __________.
  232. Which menu separates similar entrées: beef in one section, seafood in another?
  233. A thorough check to assure that everything works.
  234. Which is a nondepreciable item?
  235. The Subway story began when __________, its cofounder, was 17 years old.
  236. Who borrowed around $60,000 from family and friends and opened two restaurants named The Great American Disaster?
  237. In purchasing a griddle, Avery recommends buying only those that preheat to __________ in 7 to 12 minutes.
  238. Baked goat cheese frequently shows up on menus in salads, on a designer pizza, or incorporated into a baked mélange, and the accompanying wine served is a __________.
  239. According to the text, the ___________ determines the equipment.
  240. In the marketing plan, goals need to be set for the four Ps, which are __________.
  241. Which is the advantage of an open platform advantage?
  242. Consistency in food preparation is achieved by
  243. Which statement is not true?
  244. If a restaurant offers a steak on the menu that costs $5 and sells for $14.95, the contribution margin is __________ for every steak sold.
  245. Under third party liability __________.
  246. According to the text, a task __________.
  247. Several cities have now banned __________, which are a type of fat.
  248. The number-one factor in restaurant failure is said to be lack of __________.
  249. Which is not a reason for entering the restaurant business?
  250. Which law was designed to increase wages and increase employment by reducing the hours of the average workweek?
  251. If you have 27 tables and want four table sections how many servers are needed to cover the tables?
  252. Without the use of a germicide the rinse water needs to be
  253. Variable cost items include those mandated by law, such as: __________.
  254. A corporate structure that has only one basic class of stock, is slightly flexible on voting rights, is easy to set up, but limits your financing later is a(n) __________.
  255. It should be remembered that hot tables are not cooking appliances. Food should be above
  256. About __________ appetizers are adequate for the majority of restaurants.
  257. The text states that which of the following is fundamental to the entire human resource function?
  258. Who is responsible for maintaining inspection services at principal shipping points and terminal markets?
  259. The __________ studies past sales experience records, confers with manager, keeps alert to holidays and special events, etc.
  260. Salmonella presents no problem if suspect foods are heated to __________.
  261. The purchasing cycle consists of
  262. When incorporating, the first step should always be to __________.
  263. Boulanger believed that __________ was the cure to all sorts of illnesses.
  264. People will often travel __________ or more to reach a restaurant with a great reputation.
  265. Which does the behavior modification theory urge?
  266. Prime cost is the cost of __________.
  267. The bank wants __________, which they can take should the loan not be paid.
  268. The grade __________ of meat comes from older cattle and lacks tenderness.
  269. Independently owned and managed companies set up to provide debt and equity capital to small businesses are called __________.
  270. A restaurant with a million-dollar sales volume per year can generate __________ per year in profit before taxes.
  271. The length of time an item can be stored without appreciable loss in quality or weight is called
  272. With restaurants, it is the __________, rather than just the food, that guests pay for.
  273. The typical restaurantÕs percentage cost for wines is __________.
  274. All front-of-the-house employees should take the __________ courses offered by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation.
  275. The more popular varietals of red wine include all but which of the following?
  276. The formula for doing the food cost percentage is __________.
  277. According to the text job specifications __________.
  278. The ÒSÓ in SWOT analysis stands for __________.
  279. Which best describes fusion cuisine?
  280. Fresh meat should be stored at a temperature of __________.
  281. The __________ of an employment test relates to whether it measures what it is supposed to measure and whether test scores predict successful job performance.
  282. Which can be depreciated for tax purposes over its expected life?
  283. The two basic components of value creation are
  284. By definition, an on-sale general retail license authorizes the sale of __________.
  285. The DOL or state labor department officials may demand that a restaurant operator produce wage and hour records within __________ hours.
  286. Technological improvements have made it possible to do a restaurantÕs food cost percentage in about _____________of the time it used to take and with more accuracy.
  287. What are the categories of payroll and related costs?
  288. __________is made with brown stock and brown roux.
  289. Once alcohol has been certified organic for three years, it can be considered __________.
  290. Raw bars or restaurants do not serve food
  291. was quoted saying "I

    __________ was quoted saying "If you have fun at what you do, you'll never work a day in your life"?
  292. As additional items are placed in the oven, heating or cooking time may increase by __________ or more per item.
  293. If a patron has the ÒNothing is too good for our anniversaryÓ attitude, the server should use (a) __________.
  294. Which is the reason why salads have become the preferred "starter" in an increasing number of restaurants?
  295. __________, single-celled microorganisms that are capable of reproducing in about 20 minutes,
    cause the highest number of biological food-borne illness.
  296. According to Brian Wilber, district manager of Bon AppŽtit Management Company, a chef is responsible for __________ of its food costs.
  297. Written standards for food that are based on a forecast of sales are called
  298. ________________ can act as cooking pots; when filled with water, they can be used for quick-cooking vegetables, cooking hams or frankfurters, reheating foods, hard-boiling eggs, cooking macaroni or spaghetti, or holding canned or containerized foods.
  299. What is/are the advantage(s) in running a family-owned restaurant?
  300. In coming up with a concept for a new restaurant you should:
  301. Food is prepared, individually vacuum packed, and refrigerated for future use. This is known as the __________ method.
  302. Which involves the highest risks overall?
  303. Which is not true with regards to staphylococcus?
  304. Velvety smooth sauces made from either thickened veal, fish, or chicken stock are called
  305. The Federal Trade CommissionÕs Consumer Fraud and Identity Theft Complaint Data report stated that __________ was the most common form of reported identity theft.
  306. A forced-air convection oven is similar to a(n) __________ except that a fan or rotor, usually located in the back, makes for rapid circulation of the air and quicker heating of the food.
  307. The T in SWOT analysis stands for __________.
  308. The __________ process enables chefs to safely (and efficiently) prepare large amounts of food for long-term storage in a refrigerated environment.
  309. At age __________, teenagers may legally work at any job.
  310. In the usual restaurant who decides on product specification and selects purveyors?
  311. What are the responsibilities of a franchisee?
  312. The best guide in selecting a restaurant planner/consultant is by __________.
  313. Who is the chef-owner of Spago?
  314. H.G. Parsa found the actual failure rate of restaurants during the second year of operation is
  315. __________ restaurants are more likely to have chefs than other restaurants.
  316. The government agency responsible for grading food products is the __________.
  317. The reasonable amount of food to have on hand is known as __________.
  318. With __________, the conflict is avoided by both parties and neither party takes action to resolve it.
  319. The Educational Foundation of the National Restaurant Association has developed informational video tapes and CD-ROMs. Topics areas include all except __________.
  320. The_______________, whose surface has sections separately controlled for temperature, can cook different foods at different temperatures at the same time
  321. What does a Òlead sheetÓ list?
  322. Because evaporative coolers have no need of compressors, they operate at approximately __________ of the cost of operating a refrigerated air-conditioning unit of similar cooling capacity.
  323. With seamless integration between restaurant managers and the Write On Handheld POS system __________.
  324. Restaurant equipment is generally thought to have a life expectancy of
  325. The first thing restaurant managers do is to __________.
  326. The U.S. Department of Labor, Wage, and Hour Division deals with __________ discrimination.
  327. AlohaÕs virtual order processing communicates between the
  328. The __________ grade of meat is a very lean product, containing 4 percent fat, and is sometimes referred to as "grass-fed beef."
  329. Loans cannot be made at more than __________ interest over the prime lending rate.
  330. A __________ should include a vision of what the restaurant owner would like for the restaurant in the future.
  331. The first step in putting together a purchasing system is to determine the __________.
  332. Which best describes the concept of recruitment?
  333. A 100-seat restaurant with a bar would need an ice machine capable of producing __________ pounds of ice per day.
  334. Visitors to this country are pleasantly surprised by the service, especially that given by __________.
  335. A failing restaurant:
  336. Several restaurants use the _________ to assist in managing the restaurant; it aids from planning to
  337. The most atmospheric restaurants are those with a __________.
  338. Several of the leading restaurant chains have found that teenagers beginning at age __________ are excellent candidates for doing almost every restaurant job.
  339. Which is not one of the phrases suitable for use by a host/hostess?
  340. What is the first thing severs should do upon approaching a new table?
  341. To ensure menu ingredients are available, fresh, and priced right restaurant operators should
  342. Which type of steak is taken from the thick end of the short loin, has a T-bone and a sizable piece of tenderloin?
  343. The __________ model views restaurant managers as coaches, they are engaged in informal training much of the timeÑshowing, telling, correcting, praising, and providing direction.
  344. Which bacterium lives in the intestine of chickens, ducks, mice, and rats and, given favorable
    conditions, may cause illness to humans (cooking foods to a temperature of 165¡F or higher can kill
  345. A(n) _______________ takes in outside dry air and pass it through loosely woven pads.
  346. A 100-seat fully equipped casual dining restaurants may cost ______ per seat.
  347. With grilled salmon, nowadays, the wine of choice seems to be a __________.
  348. The __________ describes the purpose of the organization and outlines the kinds of activities performed for guests.
  349. H.G. Parsa found the actual failure rate of restaurants during the third year of operation is
  350. A fruit that will not ripen after being picked is a(n
  351. Expenses that can be changed in the short term are called __________.
  352. It is most common to find employee meals treated as a(n) __________ for a restaurant operation.
  353. What restaurant was credited as being the first French restaurant in the United States?
  354. Whose mission is to awaken our thinking about food selection and its relationship to the planet?
  1. a Foods cooked directly after handling
  2. b Boulanger
  3. c pineapple
  4. d 23% to 25%
  5. e alice waters
  6. f PDA
  7. g 25
  8. h Managing
  9. i square foot per month
  10. j profit sharing
  11. k all types of alcoholic beveragesÑnamely, beer, wine, and distilled spiritsÑfor consumption on the
  12. l variable
  13. m NCRÕs Human Factors Engineering
  14. n Expert
  15. o conventional oven
  16. p Tile, Sealed concrete
  17. q Prime
  18. r Real Estate Agents
  19. s $9.95
  20. t land
  21. u Food production manager
  22. v Szechuan, Hunan, and Cantonese
  23. w daily sales
  24. x sectionalized griddle
  25. y haute
  26. z core
  27. aa table d'hôte
  28. ab credit card fraud
  29. ac food-cost percentage
  30. ad public dining room
  31. ae balance sheet
  32. af shelf life
  33. ag hard sell
  34. ah Norman Brinker
  35. ai 6%, 10%
  36. aj step-by-step
  37. ak Spaced training
  38. al June or July
  39. am 30%
  40. an S corporation
  41. ao Hard Work
  42. ap sex and age
  43. aq theme
  44. ar 75%
  45. as behavior modeling
  46. at servers simply jot down guests orders and send them to the kitchen
  47. au lower
  48. av motivation
  49. aw Geographic, demographic, behavior
  50. ax Ma"tre dÕ
  51. ay their presence as owners on the job can make the difference
  52. az reorder points
  53. ba increasing value perceptions and lower prices
  54. bb They should have a written agreement with the contractor specifying the nature and duration of the work.
  55. bc labor
  56. bd Controllable expenses
  57. be 180
  58. bf environmental
  59. bg the best and worst places to open a restaurant in the United States
  60. bh using a comparative approach and/or price and multiply by the ratio necessary to achieve a food-cost percentage
  61. bi left unspoken
  62. bj adapt concepts from successful restaurants
  63. bk Pinot noir
  64. bl satisfy
  65. bm filtered
  66. bn forecast how many guests are expected
  67. bo USDA
  68. bp 6.5
  69. bq 25%
  70. br Constantinople
  71. bs variable and fixed
  72. bt one-third
  73. bu Tax returns for the past ten years.
  74. bv any alcoholic beverage for consumption off the premises in original, sealed containers
  75. bw net worth
  76. bx food standards
  77. by Twitter
  78. bz market
  79. ca . 30 days
  80. cb $75,000.00
  81. cc 8
  82. cd 33%
  83. ce Marketing
  84. cf 80% to 90%
  85. cg Lower cost and less danger of theft
  86. ch fall
  87. ci Danny Meyer
  88. cj take advantage of the seasons when items are at the lowest price and best quality , use the ups and downs in food prices and partially overcome them by seasonal or even daily menus , use frozen foods when fresh foods are not available,
  89. ck 25% to 30%
  90. cl premium-brand liquor
  91. cm Fair Labor Standards Act
  92. cn Alert Manager
  93. co strengths
  94. cp installments, usually over a period longer than a year
  95. cq partners making decisions
  96. cr $500,000
  97. cs POS
  98. ct total dining experience
  99. cu Hollandaise
  100. cv compensating balance
  101. cw 72
  102. cx Different and Better
  103. cy phone
  104. cz Staff on both shifts so you can easily see whoÕs on duty
  105. da Pinot Grigio
  106. db Fred DeLuca
  107. dc Commercial
  108. dd Dram Shop laws make it possible for servers to sue intoxicated guests for any accidents.
  109. de collateral
  110. df 1 hour
  111. dg tell the employee about it
  112. dh favorable comments
  113. di Howard Johnson's
  114. dj china bistro
  115. dk 400
  116. dl sous vide
  117. dm Experience and Reputation
  118. dn do not serve dairy or meat
  119. do reduce shrinkage of meat and hold meat so that it can be served to order from oven
  120. dp U.S. Fancy
  121. dq . food and labor
  122. dr 20 seconds
  123. ds The menu
  124. dt 10 years
  125. du purpose and the mobilization of resources for given goals
  126. dv above 116°F
  127. dw Roland Passot
  128. dx double taxation
  129. dy A program which employees can achieve given standards at their own pace
  130. dz contribution margin
  131. ea red wine is best served with beef, lamb, game, or duck
  132. eb Building from scratch
  133. ec Italian
  134. ed product, price, place, and promotion
  135. ee governor
  136. ef appearance
  137. eg accomodation
  138. eh Top-down
  139. ei benefits
  140. ej VeloutŽ
  141. ek programs that will not allow employees to clock in more than 10 minutes early and 5 minutes late
  142. el opportunities
  143. em $150,000 to $200,000
  144. en soup
  145. eo valid
  146. ep kitchen and waitstaff
  147. eq building
  148. er Product specification, par stock, supplier selection, order placement, receiving, storage, and issuing
  149. es seasonally naturally raised foodstuffs
  150. et 30 days
  151. eu red Book
  152. ev SBICs
  153. ew forecasting
  154. ex food optimization
  155. ey marketing
  156. ez Production sheet
  157. fa E. Coli
  158. fb All the tasks necessary to bring the food quantities up to par stock
  159. fc Salmonella
  160. fd front-of-the-house, back-of-the-house
  161. fe 3% to 9%
  162. ff fining
  163. fg 2.75%
  164. fh identify the qualifications and skills needed to perform the job
  165. fi almost always
  166. fj White
  167. fk comparison benefit matrix
  168. fl $45,000
  169. fm Tourist Attractions
  170. fn U.S. Department of Agriculture
  171. fo cash flow
  172. fp 14%
  173. fq cooking line
  174. fr assistant manager
  175. fs African Americans
  176. ft seller
  177. fu standard
  178. fv Reduce food, labor, and overhead costs
  179. fw 5.50% to 7.50%
  180. fx four
  181. fy mise-en-place
  182. fz . explain the company history, philosophy, mission, goals, and objectives
  183. ga du jour
  184. gb Meats
  185. gc . Training low-skilled employees may be just as important as training highly skilled workers
  186. gd introduce themselves
  187. ge Bar Code
  188. gf is a related sequence of work
  189. gg cost Ö sales ? 100
  190. gh are seated in open spaces
  191. gi HFE
  192. gj Hospitality, sharing, quality, fun and courage
  193. gk 1? hours
  194. gl low-temperature ovens
  195. gm identify critical control points
  196. gn six
  197. go ÒSÓ
  198. gp cook-chill
  199. gq 6 to 12
  200. gr manager as coach
  201. gs Price
  202. gt buyer
  203. gu usda
  204. gv $300
  205. gw visibility
  206. gx have had brandy or wine alcohol added to them
  207. gy task and job analysis
  208. gz 60%
  209. ha Efficiency
  210. hb Wolfgang Puck
  211. hc Peter Morton
  212. hd $60.00
  213. he Bacteria present in soil, intestines of animals, including humans, and in sewage
  214. hf weaknesses
  215. hg Plate House
  216. hh 95%
  217. hi high-cost loans
  218. hj 100°F
  219. hk entertainment
  220. hl buy-sell agreement
  221. hm 40¡F and 140¡F
  222. hn $18,000- $20,000
  223. ho Quick-service
  224. hp alternative dispute resolution
  225. hq Select
  226. hr threats
  227. hs 350°F or 400°F
  228. ht 15 to 18 minutes
  229. hu is like a photo of the restaurants financial standing at a given moment in time
  230. hv single-concept chain
  231. hw Dinner-house
  232. hx standardizing recipes and cooking procedures
  233. hy target market
  234. hz 6 to 8
  235. ia Yellow Pages
  236. ib It depends on the type of experience you are trying to deliver.
  237. ic Hiring employees and operating a store
  238. id . Oscar of the Waldorf
  239. ie Comparative
  240. if development
  241. ig Social Security (FICA)
  242. ih restaurant concept
  243. ii should change its concept to fit the market
  244. ij all of the above
  245. ik licenses and permits
  246. il bain marie
  247. im local produce
  248. in the least financial risk compared to independent restaurants, least financial risk to professional managers
  249. io Automated Raw Material Transfer
  250. ip full-service
  251. iq key result area
  252. ir . 20%
  253. is responsible for most of food borne illness
  254. it In setting instructional goals, trainers should give trainees more work than they can accomplish so that they will work toward high standards
  255. iu commit to investing the time, resources, and money needed
  256. iv Naples
  257. iw The manager will never consider being physical when handling a customer problem
  258. ix range top stove
  259. iy avoidance
  260. iz trans fatty acids
  261. ja co-op
  262. jb yesterday
  263. jc Deep-fat fryers
  264. jd cost of sales
  265. je ordering points
  266. jf 35-40
  267. jg cost-based
  268. jh real estate value and value as a profit generator
  269. ji monthly
  270. jj formal
  271. jk micros
  272. jl predetermined food-cost percentage
  273. jm 16
  274. jn Burgers
  275. jo It is more flexibility with a smaller footprint.
  276. jp fixed
  277. jq $15,000
  278. jr Conflict management
  279. js Employment Retirement Income Security Act
  280. jt Mission statement
  281. ju . menu
  282. jv They typically run less than 20 years.
  283. jw Porterhouse
  284. jx Motivation
  285. jy 18
  286. jz $33.30
  287. ka They tend to be ultraconservative.
  288. kb The manager, in consultation with the chef
  289. kc unit cost
  290. kd Julien's of Boston
  291. ke An immediate reward for whatever behavior is desired
  292. kf Holidays off
  293. kg management
  294. kh 19%
  295. ki augmented
  296. kj hands-on
  297. kk It has a long incubation period
  298. kl encouraging small business to develop
  299. km Just one?
  300. kn U.S. No. 2
  301. ko validity
  302. kp donÕt be aggressive in listening
  303. kq Diversity
  304. kr a good deal more
  305. ks Wide variety of salad items and inexpensive and always fresh
  306. kt They quickly record inventory and easily allowing new stock to be added.
  307. ku portion size, choices, service consistency, comfort level
  308. kv . Process by which prospective employees are attracted to the restaurant so that a suitable applicant may be selected for employment.
  309. kw job objective
  310. kx Barbara Lynch
  311. ky Sauvignon blanc
  312. kz college students
  313. la evaporative cooler
  314. lb minimize the number of steps taken by wait staff, minimize the number of steps taken by kitchen personnel
  315. lc automobiles
  316. ld directions and parking information
  317. le 140
  318. lf $30,000
  319. lg par stock
  320. lh referrals by current employees
  321. li New York Strip
  322. lj the building
  323. lk 7
  324. ll weekly or biweekly
  325. lm not benefits.
  326. ln Espagnole
  327. lo controllable
  328. lp 26% to 30%
  329. lq are now offering some of the flexibility of POS
  330. lr Blending of the techniques and ingredients of two different cuisines.
  331. ls 16% to 20%
  332. lt food cost
  333. lu mission statement
  334. lv Age, sex, family life cycle, income, occupation, education, religion, and race
  335. lw A thorough check to assure that everything works.
  336. lx clarified
  337. ly does not draw a salary for federal income tax purposes
  338. lz positioning
  339. ma $6,000 - $10,000
  340. mb 55 to 60%
  341. mc $9000
  342. md in the early morning
  343. me owners, managers, bartenders, and servers may be liable under law if they serve alcohol to a
    minor or people who are intoxicated
  344. mf tables that can go from a deuce to four with slaps that makes it become a six
  345. mg major
  346. mh pinot noir
  347. mi consult an attorney
  348. mj guest count
  349. mk 165¡F
  350. ml Bacteria
  351. mm 80
  352. mn ambiance
  353. mo Theme
  354. mp Topographical Survey