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  1. A ____ is a garnish of cauliflower.
  2. Thousand island and _____ are mayonnaise based dressings.
  3. Which oil must be disclosed on the menu because of allergies?
  4. To prevent fresh fruit from discoloring, coat it with ____.
  5. _____ is the permanent blending of dissimilar ingredients.
  6. A garnish of onions is called____.
  7. ___ can be served hot or cold and should compliment the foods they are served with.
  8. Raw papaya and ______should never be added to gelatin salad.
  9. The main ingredient in hummus is _____.
  10. Which part of the salad enhances its appearance and compliments the overall taste.
  11. Chef's salad is an example of what type of salad?
  12. A ___ is a temporary mixture of ingredients that eventually separate back into it's unique parts.
  13. Which type of lettuce is the essential ingredient for Cesar Salad
  14. The purpose of a garnish is to stimulate ___ and enhance the dishes's appearance and the overall eating experience.
  15. The purpose of this salad is to cleanse the palate.
  16. Which type of lettuce is the most popular in America?
  17. Which special wine vinegar is aged in wooden barrels?
  18. What type of salad is small and served with the main meal?
  19. This dressing is made from 3 parts oil and 1 part vinegar.
  20. Coleslaw is an example of what type of salad?
  21. The four basic parts of any salad are the base, ___, garnish and dressing.
  22. Grilled Chicken Caesar salad is considered a _____ type of salad.
  23. Which type of salad stimulates the appetite and is light enough for the first course?
  24. This lettuce is also known as frisee and has a slightly bitter flavor.
  25. Which part of the salad lines the bowl with with a layer of greens?
  26. Pasta, potato and chicken salad are examples of which type of salad?
  27. Which type of vinegar is made from apples?
  28. The main ingredient in guacamole is _____.
  29. If chicken is served with spinach, it is called ____
  30. What ingredient holds a bound salad together?